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Monologue: The Fault in Riches

August 17, 2014
By juliaconstellations GOLD, Kenilworth, New Jersey
juliaconstellations GOLD, Kenilworth, New Jersey
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CLARISSA: [Enters stage through side entrance. Walks to the center.] When people look at me, they see money spurring from my pockets in hundreds. [Reaches in and spills cash from her pocket; lots.] And I don’t mean hundreds of bills. I mean hundred dollar bills, and they’re in such abundance, I could leave a trail behind me from New York to San Francisco and I’d still have plenty. However, what good is there in wealth and riches? I grew up in a castle, [whispers.] Well, actually it was a mansion but that’s what I referred to it as. [Returns to normal voice.] When I was small, I always watched from the kindergarten steps as all the other kids’ moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas came to pick them up. [A mother, father, grandpa, and grandma appear on stage. Actress walks/loops around them as she speaks.] My parents never came to pick me up. Our butler, Swan, always stood in his suit and tie, posture perfect, to pick me up. I could always see the limo he drove with to pick me up down the street. [The four adults exit stage.] Swan didn’t speak English. The only word he knew was, [Actor in suit enters stage and says:] castle. [Clarissa puts leans arm on Swan’s shoulder.] I always used to shriek castle when we arrived home after school that he grew accustomed to it and learned the meaning I had for it. [They smile at each other, and then Swan leaves stage. Clarissa returns to center.] And so, up until I was seven, I regarded the mansion as a castle, something magical and beautiful. But….. [Pauses.] Soon I began to regard it as a dungeon. I was an only child, so home sounded a lot like HELLO! [Echoes on stage.] Home sounded like empty echoes until about 8pm when my wealthy parents returned home and screamed at each other until dawn. People may think, wow, they have so much money, how could they fight? [Clarissa puts hands up.] But that's the exact problem! They have so money they can’t ever agree on what to do with it. [Pause.] Sometimes, my parents argue about my future. They say I should go to Princeton or Harvard or Stanford, but I’m not smart enough for that! I’ve been cooped up in this mansion for my entire life, and I still know that you can’t buy your admission into college. I was taught that the money my family had made me superior to everyone else, so I never did my homework, and I never made friends. My natural snobbiness towards others repelled any potential friends. I’m not intelligent. Definitely not intelligent enough for the big colleges my parents have enough money for! What my parents tried to teach me by being trapped in this castle was that I’m too good for the world, so I stayed inside. But, what I learned, trapped in here, is that I’M not good enough for the world.

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