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Brain and Body: Pt. 1

November 9, 2015
By PenniesSkates BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
PenniesSkates BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
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Body: Someone's passing us!
Brain: Smile
Body: Smiling
Brain: No, actually smile. But not that weird way you do, with the teeth-
Body: Okay, I'm smiling. Should I wave?
Brain: No!
Body: Chill, okay-
Brain: Oh, wait-
Body: What?-
Brain: You’re an idiot!
Body: What’d-
Brain: Uuuuuuhhhh. You just-
Body: What is it? I smiled!
Brain: We look like such an idiot. We're an idiot….
Body: Does it matter?
Brain: Yes. This is embarrassing. We're embarrassing.
Body: No, we aren't. Stop it.
Brain: We are a-
Body: No. Stop it. Stop ruining your life, and mine as well.
Brain: But-
Body: No buts, this isn't healthy. You need to get your act together. We've been through some pretty crummy things together-
Brain: Bullying, depression, cutting-
Body: Yes,
Brain: Hatred of others, self-hatred,
Body: Yes, but-
Brain: Religious problems, friend problems-
Body: Oh just stop. We're creating a self pity party, and it's pointless.
Brain: Your right.
Body: We need to feel better.
Brain: You're right.
Body: We should get healthier, and happier-
Brain: Workout, lose body fat, gain muscle-
Body: Because this is the prime of our life! We can do so much,
Brain: So much
Body: And we're wasting our time.
Brain: Our time is worth wasting. We don't deserve happiness.
Body: Why do you think that?
Brain: Because we've gone through a lot if s***.
Body: What does that have to do with anything? It made us stronger!
Brain: Not that same old lie! What are you even saying, do you hear yourself? We hurt ourself, on purpose. We hated ourself. We hated others. We hated life.
Body: I know-
Brain: Excuse me, I'm on a roll here. We’ve had dozens of crushed, and we've been hurt by them countless times. We've had nightmares that made us wake up in a cold sweat, and guess what? All it did to us was make us weaker!
Body: But we're strong-
Brain: No, we aren't. We are good at acting, that's it. We puff up our chest, talk like we love everything about ourselves, but the truth is- we don't.
Body: We don't. My stomach isn't flat and I'm not strong and my body's not great-
Brain: And I'm loathing and selfish and irresponsible-
Body: And I have ruined the both of our lives by having a liver that can't digest gluten-
Brain: And together we make people hate us.
Body: But… I think we are worth it.
Brain: Worth what! Worth all of the pain we've gone through?
Body: No, I think we are worth living. We are worth living and breathing and eating and drinking-
Brain: We aren't, we're so messed up-
Body: But so is everyone else! If only people who've done everything right were alive, this planet would be empty. But we have concurred wars together! We are healthy! We have the greatest gift in the entire universe- to be alive! We are a thinking, rational, smart, intuitive creature, and we deserve everything we have!

The author's comments:

This is a short piece dealing with self-esteem issues I face on a day-to-day basis. I feel that it has a positive and emotional ending.

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