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Even King

April 13, 2009
By Breanna BRONZE, Kelso, Washington
Breanna BRONZE, Kelso, Washington
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Even King
8:26 PM 10/8/2008

This is a story about a boy named Even King!Even had shaggy black hair with deep intense glacier blue eyes!Even is what we teens called a loner he had "friends".They played pranks on him
all the time and one day they played a prank that cost him his life.All of Evens friends got this real popular girl named Amber Hymes too ask him out so she did and Evan said YES!
Amber told Evan to meet her at Skaterama around midnight she told him slyly.Skaterama was a a banded skate joint were all of the teens hang out!Evan polled up and went in side next thing
he new the lights flash on and there red blood red!Evan starts hearing voices evil voices and laughter saying yeah scared Evan huh ya scared?Evans freaking out he falls through a weak spot in
the floor he doesn't make it.All of his friends including Amber takes off and they didn't tell anyone!Evens parents filed for a missing child report the cops looke for two weeks the rivers,relatives house
asked all his friends they don't speak a word!Then one night they all recieve the same phone call,caller i.d. it said Skateroma!So everyone decided to go up there thinking Even survived and he is trying too fool all of
them.So when they get there they go inside amd Amber is recording it on her cellphone.They go in the doors slam shut and lock,first friend goes and all your hear is Even then a crack then its silent.
Second friend goes you hear a blood curdaling scream then its silent,dead silent!Third friend goes she enters a room and the lights turn on and there not red there green like oozing green from
the walls.She sees a flash and sees Evens face decaying eyeball rolling down his cheek,he limping towards her she runs and trips a big ataduim light falss on her squishes in the floor.The guts from
her body fall through too the basement and rats started eating her guts.Then the fourth friend just goes like disappearing into the darkness!Know Amber is pretty smart she figures if she stays in one spot
she would be safe,well that's not true.Amber is still recording everything next thing she knows Even is coming lipping towards her like a zombie face all decaying the smell is so
bad Amber thought she would die of gaging.Amber is crying she saying how she wants her mom!Amber is telling Even " it was just a joke Even we didn't me for you to die"!Then Even said
"I don't feel anything no happiness no pain just sadness all around me I want you guys to feel what you made me feel"!Even pushed Amber down the same hole where he fell in,you hear
a short scream then nothing but silence.Even walks into a wall and disapears.All of the parents file for missing child reports the cops finalley decide too looke at Skaterama and all they find is
Amber's cellphone with Evens voice on there all the scream,cracks everthing!But know other trace they were there,no blood no bodys,and its still its an unsolved case today!

The End,

By,Breanna Jungwirth

The author's comments:
This just came to meone night but beeware its a horror storey

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