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Deadly Secret

April 19, 2009
By Sandraaaa GOLD, Fontana, California
Sandraaaa GOLD, Fontana, California
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Emily was the school’s queen. Christie was the outcast. But these two girls shared a secret, a dark, dangerous secret.

Saturday night, after the big game, everyone was heading to the party of the year. And by everyone, I mean, everyone. Losers and alphas alike. This was the one night all the species of a high school joined together under one roof. I had to; my brother, Chris, was one of the head jocks, so he had to go, so Mom made me go with him, as a chaperone kind of thing.

“Hurry up, Starr. We need to get to the game!” Chris yelled.

“Gimme some time! We have, like, an hour before we have to leave!” I yelled back.

My wardrobe selections were all set, a tight, dark blue, silk tank top from BCBG with a pair of dark wash DKNY skinny jeans. My light brown hair was straightened until it looked sharp enough to cut something and her face had minimal makeup. I looked perfect and ready for anything. On the way down, I grabbed a puffy Alice+Olivia jacket.

“How do I look, oh holy brother?”

“Why are you asking me?”

“Well… you are the big guy out there. I wouldn’t want to embarrass you.”

“If you would hang out with Emily you would never embarrass me.”

“Can we please not get into this? Em and I were best friends in middle school. She’s changed, and I’ve changed. Give it up Chris.”

“Fine, fine, whatever. Let’s just get going.”

I was never a big fan of football games. They were loud and smelly and it was a great way to show off how cool or, in my case, uncool you are. You see, I could be the queen bee of high school, since Chris is the king, but I don’t really want to be. Fine, fine, I do, but the other girls would rather die than see me at the top. I could never really tell what was wrong with me. My looks? Nah, I’m prettier than Emily. My style? No way, I’m one of the best dressers in the school. I think it’s because I’m smart, because I like to read on a Saturday night than go out, that I’d rather pay attention in class than pass notes. Or maybe it’s because I don’t act like the other girls. Unlike them, I eat whatever I want. I’m not anorexic or bulimic, just skinny because I bike around my neighborhood every day. Unlike Emily, I don’t care how I look, or what everyone else thinks of me. Yes, I like to look pretty, but my beauty is all natural, none of that cover-up stuff. And maybe the main reason as because I was just generally nice to the “losers”. One of my closest friends was Christie, the bottom of the food chain. We weren’t close in middle school, but once high school started and the alphas united, we had to stick together or die.

“Hey Starr, we’re here.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I grumbled getting out of the car with my large Coach purse.

“What is in that thing?”

“A book, my iPod, and my phone.”

“You brought a book to the biggest game of the year?” Chris asked incredulously.

“Yes, I did. I’m going to be sitting in the back anyways, so no one will notice me.”

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? You get to sit in the front today, and you little friend Christie too.”

“What? But you have to be invited to sit in the front. And the invitation has to come from Emily.”

“Yeah, she decided that since this was the last game, she would invite you! And Christie, because she knew that you wouldn’t say yes without her.”

“Hmm… That’s strange thoughtful of her…”

“Come on Starr. Sit there for me?”

“Pshh, fine. But just because you are begging.”

“Am not!”

“Sure...” I grinned at Chris. Even though he was super popular, he was still close to me and I loved him so much for that. It was the only reason why I wasn’t at the very bottom of the food chain.

“Starr!” Christie’s soft voice came from a very close proximity.


“Hey, so where should we sit?”

“We actually got an invitation to the sacred seats this time.”


“I know…”

Christie didn’t look like a loser. She was beautiful, with her shoulder length black hair, and large brown eyes behind one-of-a-kind designer glasses. Her body was like mine, skinny and lean, since she biked with me a lot. Today she was wearing a cute Alice+Olivia miniskirt and a matching purple top. Her shoes were a brand new pair of Steve Maddens, just like mine and she had a cute Dooney and Burke clutch.

“You look awesome!” Christie exclaimed.

“Duh! And you do too!” I laughed. “We are probably dressed better than all the exclusive girls.”

We walked down to the plush seats with fancy reserved signs on them. A little something only Emily could afford. Here’s an interesting fact. Emily is the only one in her group that has big bucks. She buys all the designer stuff for her cronies, Alicia, Clarissa, and Allie, who never leave her side. Today though, they were no where to be seen. It was just Emily.

“Hi Starr! Hi Christie! I’m so glad you accepted my invite!”

“Hi Em. I’m so surprised you invited us!” I exclaimed just as fakely as her.

But what Christie said was genuine. “Oh my gosh I love your shoes! They are Steve Maddens right? The limited edition ones?”

“Yeah! They totally are. I’m the only one here that has a pair.”

“Wait, Starr, didn’t your mom just buy you a pair just like it?”

Emily turned her angry eyes on me. If I said that I did, I would be committing suicide. If I said I didn’t, I would be lying. So I said. “Umm, maybe, I’m not really too sure.”

Emily smiled at me, happy with my answer. I sighed inside and sat down. “Where are Alicia, Allie, and Clarissa?”

“Oh, they got really sick with the stomach flu. They couldn’t come, but they did tell me that it was fine for you two to be here.”


Awkward silence.

“So, Emily, I heard that you are getting a demo cd ready to send out?” Christie asked.

“I totally am! And there are already some companies asking for me!”

“That’s so cool!” I could tell that Christie was overjoyed that Emily was being nice.

Then I heard something I wasn’t supposed to. “It’s way cooler than what Starr does. All she does it sit around and read. Ugh, she can be so boring.”

Excuse me? That’s what I wanted to say, but I kept my mouth shut.

“Duh she’s way boring. That’s why I ditched her. Now, you aren’t boring. I’ve heard you sing and you would be a really good backup for me!”

“Really? I’d love that!”

My anger was probably showing, so I pushed it down and smiled serenely. At that moment the game started. I cheered with the rest of the fans and booed when the other team scored. When the game was finally over, I breathed a silent sigh of relief. Now it’s just the party and I can get back to my nice warm bed.

“Starr! Can I ride with you and Chris?” Christie asked.

“Yeah, sure.”

“Emily, do you want to ride with us?” Christie asked. I flinched inwardly.

“Totally! It’s okay with you, right Starr?”

I nodded, smiling at her. “Chris will be overjoyed.” My voice deadpanned.

I sat in front with Chris; Christie and Emily sat in back, whispering and giggling. Look at the new best friends, I thought miserably. The party was being hosted at a club, one of the hottest clubs in the city. Chris paid for most of it and the school paid the rest. When we got there, they party was already in full swing.

Everyone was dancing and grinding, and other horrible things that I could have lived my whole life without seeing. I gagged and ran to the back of the room.


I looked around and saw her dancing with some hot guys. Ugh, just great.

“Starr?” Emily called. “Come here!”

I shrugged and got up. Might as well have some fun. Emily handed me a glass of beer and I sipped some.

“Lighten up Starr! It’s the party of the year and you’re with me.”

I smiled at Emily, my mind foggy. “Yeah, some fun. Sounds good.”

“Now, go dance.”

Emily shoved me into a group of guys who immediately started grinding me. Yuck, yuck, yuck I thought. I’m so going to throw up. I pushed my way out of the club and to a secluded area and sat down, dizzy.

“Starr?” Christie called.

“Starry?” Emily called too.

“I’m over here.” I whispered.

“Awww, poor Starry had a bit too much to drink.” Emily leaned over me smiling. “It’s okay, you can sleep.”

I closed my eyes and feigned sleep.

“Good job Christie. She didn’t suspect that we drugged her drink.”

“Emily, I feel kinda bad about this.”

“Don’t.” Emily’s voice turned cold and cruel.

I felt them lift me up.

“Where are we going?” Christie asked, her voice quivering.

“To the lake. We can tie some weights to her.”

There were going to drown me! But I couldn’t move. The drug was spreading and I felt so tired. Suddenly, I fell into water. Up, up, up my head screamed. Air, air, air my lungs screamed, but I was so tired, so sleepy. Just go to sleep…

Police are still searching for me, but by now all they will find are bones. I’ve been watching Emily and Christie. Emily is the same as always, vain and cruel. Christie though had changed drastically. Once a happy-go-lucky girl, she changed into an emo teen. She was depressed and I want to help her so badly. But I can’t and part of me knows that she drove herself into this world. Emily and Christie don’t interact anymore. They severed all connections to keep their deadly secret.

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