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Mini Saga

June 6, 2019
By Alek4513 BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Alek4513 BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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An apple a day can keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough

It's a good thing I didn't kill anyone 😌
~Steven King~

Pain demands to be felt
~The fault in our star~


My questions roamed in the dark unanswered and unsaid.


I was able to get little supplies before...

I felt my sister’s weak tug on my shirt. She looked at me with questions in her eyes. Even in the dark, her fear was as bright and clear as the forgotten sun light.


We later got up and looked around. In the distance I saw a hole in the ceiling. A person jumped in through it.


I thought, “We’re saved!”


Thinking back on it, I never thought that I’d miss that bunker so much.

The author's comments:

100 word mini saga 

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