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Midnight Manor chapter 1

September 13, 2009
By Beth. SILVER, Blyth, Other
Beth. SILVER, Blyth, Other
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“We’re going on a trip to Midnight Manor!” Mrs Rudd exclaimed to the class. There was an odd assortment of yes and no’s but Mrs. Rudd carried on “we will be staying there for seven days, you will need.” But Mrs. Rudd had lost the children’s attention at the word “stay” the children of 6 white were too busy exchanging facts and tales to listen. The day passed quickly, at home time Mrs. Rudd said, “I want you all to be here by 09:30 tomorrow otherwise we leave without you.”

Wednesday came quickly for most people, all barring Jessica her uncle had mysteriously vanished, whilst exploring the castle, she was dreading the visit. The bus ride there took three hours, but when they got out, the boys played football and the girls did skipping races. They all took their bags from the bus driver then waddled off towards the manor.

As they walked in through the large wooden doors, they saw
a diamond chandelier swinging gently in the breeze. They walked through another set of doors and found them selves facing an extremely large staircase.

Many steps later they found themselves in a dormitory there was a guide waiting for them.

“This is the boys dormitory, no girls are allowed to enter this room with out permission from the teachers, as with boys going into girls rooms.” The redheaded guide instructed them.

“At 8:30am you will come for breakfast, it lasts one hour arrive any time after you will not get any breakfast. Lunch starts at 1:20pm and also lasts an hour the same rules apply to all the meals so do not be late. Dinner is at 7pm and you must make it here on time.” The red-haired lady continued.

The boys’ attention had wondered to what lay behind a small wooden door, and the girls were giggling and arguing about what the guide desperately needed doing with her lipstick as it was smeared across her face.

“Right single line and follow me; Mrs Herron has given me a map...”

“Thank god or we would be wondering around Africa if Mrs. Rudd didn’t have a map” called a boy from the back of the line. Sure enough Mrs. Rudd figured who it was. Liam Scott.

As they walked up even more stairs the girls began to whimper and cower against or behind their friends and in extreme cases the boys. A mouse crawled out from a hole in the wall and scuttled towards them, all the girls screamed and tried to hide.

“It’s just a mouse!” Jack said snorting at the girls’ behaviour, Ben tapped Jack’s shoulder,
“But that isn’t” Ben laughed. The one thing Jack hated more than girls was RATS. And that was what was staring at him through evil red eyes, down a long scruffy snout.

“Jack’s afraid of rats, Jack is afraid of rats” The boys and girls chanted. Mrs. Rudd realising what was happening shouted: “STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Every body stopped and stared that wasn’t like Mrs. Rudd the only time she did that was when she was embarrassed or scarred.
“We have missed our turn,” Mrs Rudd said trembling “and this place isn’t shown on the map!”

“I did say we would get lost.” Liam whispered to all his mates (Daniel, Skye, Bethan, Jake and Ben C all nodded)

“I’ve heard about this place and there is pictures on the Internet, It’s the haunted hallway. Marc said quietly and slowly.

“OH, yeah I’ve seen the pictures too we are lucky we won’t be here at night.” Daniel added and he went and cuddled Jessica.
There was footsteps coming from the hallway, the girls screamed again a shadow started to grow on the wall. There was a fight to hide behind Wallis and April who both up to now had acted quietly.

Alex, Jade, Becky and Lauren Taylor were pinching pieces of paper and pens (off Thomas and Connor who had both brought drawing pads) and scribbling a will in miniscule writing onto a piece of paper.

Lauren and Becky were saying that they would always be friends and even if one gets killed they will think about each other every day. Bethany, Chloe, Sharna and Aimmie we’re screaming at the top of their voices. Dylon and Tyrone were franticly finding their friends.

Then Jessica called out “where are Natasha and Anna!”
“Holly and Sam have gone missing as well!” Shouted Connor and Lauren.

“This is my Teaching career at an end!” said Mrs. Rudd dramatically.

“I see wire lets follow it.” Shouted Ben Connel, so following Ben, they followed the wire. It had took them to the silver door Liam being bold opened the door and to every ones surprise a pleasant breeze filled the room.

The wire went further down the track they carried on following it, whilst half way through the whole class found themselves on the floor having collided with four very familiar people.
“HOLLY, SAM, NATASHA, ANNA!” Shouted every one.
“NO time to explain run,” Anna Shouted back by the time every one was on their feet.

Another set of footsteps added to the classes a more clip-clopping sort of noise

“Why do you want us to run………” Asked Skye
But too late her question was answered, a monster with gleaming red eyes a bulls head and a mans body was pounding towards them. They ran for what seemed hours on end through a winding maze of tunnels, when they eventually got to the silver door. They shut the door and piled everything in the dormitory against it and ran to the phone down-stairs.
“WOW Mrs. When you said it was for History, I never knew it would be this far back!” Shouted Daniel T who was beetroot in the face and panting, but he still had his sense of humour.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by my former class 7white, they were all good friends and i miss them loads

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Beth. SILVER said...
on May. 6 2011 at 3:53 pm
Beth. SILVER, Blyth, Other
7 articles 1 photo 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Until your heart stops beating, Bella. I’ll be here — fighting." Jacob Black Eclipse

Thanks, for commenting.. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks also for the rating


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that was really good. youre a talented writer.  5 stars.  excellent job.