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The Other Half. Part six.

October 26, 2009
By mai..... GOLD, Deloraine, Other
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“I’m serious!” I said and grabbed his arm, I knew Sapphire needed me to get down there and fast, I didn’t exactly know how to but I knew I had to, I didn’t know how I knew this, I just did!
“You’re mad!” Jet said to me and I shook him.
“I’m not MAD, It’s important to me and it’s important to Sapphire!” I said and I let go off him, “Please just help me get down there!” I whisper, tears in my eyes.
“You better tell me what this is all about first.” Jet said, and so I sat down and told him the whole story, well dream. When I had finished telling him about what happened Jet stood up straight away, grabbed my arm and led me over to the cliff edge.
“We better get you down there, and I don’t understand why, but, if it’s to do with Sapphire then it has to be important!” Jet said, he grabbed ,my hands and I looked down to see how far the ledge was, I estimated it was about ten metres, which wasn’t far really but once I started to climb down it would seem like one-thousand miles.
The cliff face seemed pretty rough so I would have good rocks to grab hold of. I gripped Jet’s arms and he lowered me down, I didn’t way much at all, so I didn’t need to worry about being heavy. Once he had lowered me down as far as he could I let go of one of his hands and grabbed a rock that was poking out of the cliff. I positioned my feet in two holes in the wall and then let go of Jet’s other hand.
“You okay?” He asked
“Yep, I think so” I said
“I’m not sure this is such a good idea anymore” Jet told me, but I was already down about a metre or so, there was no way I was climbing back up when I had an feeling, no I knew I had to get down on that ledge.
I had no Idea why I had to stand on that ledge but somehow it was like there was something else or someone else inside me controlling me to do what it wanted me to do.
“Relax, remember me, you and Sapphire did Scouts!” I said and I remembered do Abseiling one year, even if it was with ropes, but then again I do remember doing rock climbing with no ropes in year nine, but unfortunately there would be no giant crash mat or net to catch me if I fell.
Slowly I moved my hands then my feet down the cliff face, I looked up I’d gone about three metre’s down.
“You’re doing well sis!” Jet told me and I just nodded, not that he would have been able to tell.
I blinked hard in frustration as I realised that now nearly half way down there was a flattish bit where I wouldn’t have much to grip on, I looked to my right and there wasn’t much there either and If I went left anymore I wouldn’t be over the ledge which would give me a much longer fall it I should fall then I saw about half a metre down between where my foot was and where my hand was there was a bump, but this meant that I grabbed hold of it with my hand I would be going away from the wall which is bad when you’re climbing. I could always jump I thought but then I wouldn’t know whether the ledge was strong enough or not. If I fell I would still be putting the same amount of pressure on the ledge, and the ledge wasn’t the big about a metre cube but rounded. I decided to try and grab the rock between my feet and hands. I bent my knees and quickly grabbed the rock, I bent my neck to see where i could slide my feet and I saw one rock bumping out so I flattened myself as best as I could against the rock and slide down to it, It hurt but I hadn’t fell so I was alright, except I only had one arm and one leg on the rock.

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Hope you are enjoying this so far, spent quite alot of effort on it!

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