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Red Horrizon

October 28, 2009
By Beth. SILVER, Blyth, Other
Beth. SILVER, Blyth, Other
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"Until your heart stops beating, Bella. I’ll be here — fighting." Jacob Black Eclipse

The Red Death has been in this country for as long as anyone knew. No disease had ever been so deadly.
I guess it starts with the mysterious killings in south Hampton. My name is Charlotte I’m a twelve year old girl from Blyth, it’s not very well known so I could tell you it’s north of Newcastle. Britain has been taken over by a disease. It’s 2009 so you really don’t expect this from a very civilized country. The disease according to a few scientists brave enough (I’ll get to that part later) has been here since the 15th century, it eventually disappeared but it looks like it’s back. But it’s not like any other disease, once you’ve got it you’re like the living dead. You can’t feel pain.. it takes over your immune system breaking you into tiny little bits.
It isn’t the weak, the old, or the young who catch it, it’s everyone. Barely no-one I know has had it yet. Yet, I savour the word thankfully. Like everyone says though it’s only a matter of time. Plenty of people in Blyth have caught it like Jacob’s mam and Tyler’s auntie, it’s not too bad up here but it’s getting worse. Everyone is trying to get out of here. I wish my parents would too but they want to stay, they are the head doctor and nurse at the local hospital. My Grandma escaped the country four days ago with my two brothers Daniel and Liam hopefully preventing the painful death, I had sacrificed myself to, by staying as company for Jess and Loren who until recently had very pleasant life, until their parents had disappeared with their car found at the bottom of Blyth harbour with no-windows and doors ripped of the hinges. Loren, Jess and their little brother, Jack, were staying with us until we were taken or we moved.
The new Prime Minister, Jordan Scott, was recently discussing evacuating the entire country to America. My parents and everyone else up-North were secretly opposing this idea. The secrecy because they didn’t want to be remembered, so if they did evacuate Britain we’d hopefully be left alone.
No one had remembered us when they’d moved the North-East into Cumbria, this hadn’t worked so well, because the Geordies are perhaps some of the fiercest northerners, that you’d be ever likely to meet. But after the Line of death had worked its way up North Cumbria was soon moving into Newcastle. It was a tight squeeze but they made it. Why was it happening to Britain wasn’t the “go green” bad enough?
My mam, dad and the rest of Blyth think it was bad with the credit crunch, now Britain can laugh at it. HA! I remember when the disease started, rumours flew up like concords. The funniest maybe was the queen was ill because of the disease, it was so funny because of the unreality of it.
I at the time maybe even now would have said it was more like the plague than school girl rumours (trust me it made plenty of gossip) and in my opinion the Red Death beat the rats and black death.
It plagued the country with dispute, fright and illness. Now was the first time I truly wished I hadn’t been born, just for now. Unlike any other disease, the closer you got to information, the quicker you mysteriously disappeared or died. The furthest any scientist has gotten, yet, was called Lewis Pascal, he had discovered that you don’t feel pain, he he’d figured this out hadn’t been known widely until 1hr after his body had been found. This, surprisingly, was good news if he’d still been walking, his death would have been much more painful and a lot more brutal.
I don’t think I’ve told you where the names the name came from for the disease. It was named after the blood that oozed out of every single part of your body: eyeballs, mouth, fingers, nose and ears. Lewis Pascal’s death was unlike any other death in existence, he looked fine, and there were no traces of alcohol or drugs in his system. His heart and all the other internal organs looked fine there was no swelling and they hadn’t been pressured. The only thing was one broken thumb.
I will not go into detail of what happened during his experiment but I will tell you that it involved a Human (with the disease) and a chainsaw. It’s too gruesome to explain.
I don’t suppose I’ve told you the worst bit about the whole ordeal, most peoples families wanted to bury or cremate the dead, problem was your body was seen only once after death. It disappeared before your funeral.
Whilst all the mysterious deaths were surrounding them a family were getting prepared for dinner. This family fit right in with the mystery and dark, it was practically their life, or death. Eathon and Carly unable to have children created them. They were Summer, Rowan and Ash; Carly had insisted they call her mother. This wasn’t a normal family more of a coven or group. Although Eathon had originally made three children there were six in the house now. All six kids appeared to be teenagers, in appearance they were. But not underneath in state of mind they were very, very old. They were ready, which made one thing certain eight more people were about to die.
The reason behind six teenagers was everyone of Eathon’s ‘children’ had a boyfriend or in Ash’s case a girlfriend, Summer was 19 gold an blond streaked hair and electric blue eyes she was with Edward. Rowan was 18 she was the complete opposite with midnight hair and swirling speckled silver and green eyes, Rowan had fallen in love with Adam, but not until recently had he been able to join in with dinner. Although the girls were beautiful, their brother Ash was the drop-dead-gorgeous one. He had a mane of tousled ash blond hair and two ever changing eyes. His face wasn’t pure white like the others, it was ivory. His arms were always left bare showing the perfect cut muscle hidden beneath the diamond hard skin. He was tall and always wore clothes that stuck perfectly to his beautiful body. Every girl wanted him but only one could have him, that had been decided long ago when Holly had came into his life.
This family was too beautiful to be human, so maybe that’s what gave them away. Because it’s true, they’re not human. They are vampires. Evil vampires. The family had decided which victims were theirs and were moving in for the kill.
Ash was prowling around the house, he had his victim, it was a twelve year old girl, her hair was a dark murky brown and she had glasses Using his mind Ash reached out towards her conscience, he influenced her to come out side. Once outside Holly pounced, within seconds Jess was pinned. Slowly, very painfully Ash snapped her neck, she let out a blood curdling scream as Holly broke every other major bone in her body, some how, and miraculously she was still alive. With little effort on Ash’s part he hoisted her to his back. Although he was drop dead gorgeous, he was evil. Ruthless. What Ash did on a Saturday night was unforgivable, Holly too took part but she soon stepped out of the torture equation, Jess’ death was going to be painful that was for sure. They were in the out house Ash used as his torture chamber, Holly threaded each of Jessica’s broken arms through handcuffs attached to a cold metal table, followed by her legs they went through like noodles. Then she attached a giant one around her waist. Noticing the gap Ash adjusted it. The torture began...
“Jess! Jess..JESS!” I shouted, she hadn’t turned up till half ten last night. Jess claimed to want a cup of tea so went through the kitchen and disappeared again. We’d been looking since midnight when Loren had very hysterically claimed “Jess isn’t coming back.”
That was when we got the phone call, my dad answered with a cheery “Hello” despite the times, then his face fell “That was the police,” he said as he put the phone down “They’ve found a body in the woods and they think it’s Jess.”

The author's comments:
This particular piece was a rather scary one i wrote in pitch blackness and then the next day the "swine flu" was introduced to British news

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