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Your Eyes Tell All

December 7, 2009
By AwesomeAley GOLD, Levittown, Pennsylvania
AwesomeAley GOLD, Levittown, Pennsylvania
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Have you ever thought about your eyes? Did you ever think they could predict the future? Well they predict the present as they see it so why could they not predict the future? Well here is the story of Mary who thought the same as you.

“What are you thinking about” Matt asked. “What movie we should see tonight” Mary said. “Well maybe we should go see that movie The Eyes Tell All” he said but Mary was afraid of scary movies. “Is it scary?” she asked. “No” Matt lied. After driving to the movie theater and buying tickets and popcorn the picked some seats and settled in to watch the movie. ~~~~~~~2 hours later~~~~~~~~ “I THOUGHT YOU SAID IT WASN’T SCARY!” she screamed at Matt clinging to his arm in fear. “I thought it was cool that she could see the future by video taping her eye!” “BUT IT WAS SO SCARY!” she screamed at him yet again. “Come-on Mary it wasn’t that scary” “YES IT WAS MATT!” and he walked her home and the sat in her room watching funny videos on YouTube till she calmed down and they talked about the movie. “Let’s try it!” Matt said “What?” “try to see the future through your eyes by video taping them!” Mary said “Matt your crazy.” “Come-on please Mary” he begged. “Okay but you’ll see how stupid it is after were done.” Matt video taped 2 minutes of Mary’s eye and then they played it back to see something they never expected. What they saw was them walking in the snow and then slowly a shadow appearing behind them slowly growing larger and closer until they don’t see each other walking down hand-in-hand but all they see is them lying against the blood-stained snow with a blank expression staring at the sky. “Now I’m r..r…r….really scared” Mary stuttered. “Yea” Matt agreed and that’s when they noticed it was snowing outside. Matt went home that night with a feeling of being watched while Mary hid under her cover’s till sleep finally found her. All she dreamed about was what they saw on the camera but this time she heard the person say “sweet dreams children... sweet dreams! HAHAHAHA!” Mary woke from fright at about 3 in the morning and she didn’t go back to sleep. *ring* *ring* Mary looked at her phone and wondered who would be calling her at 4 in the morning she answer “hello?” for the caller ID said RESTRICTED. *heavy breathing from the other side of the phone* “hello?!” Mary said a little distraught “I’m coming for you” then the line went dead. She immediately called Matt. “MATT!” “Whaaaat?” Matt asked half asleep “someone called me Matt they said they were coming for me… Matt I’m scared!” “Don’t worry Mary it was probably just a dream.” “BUT MATT I WAS AWAKE I’VE BEEN AWAKE!” “Shhh! don’t shout you’ll wake your parents!” “But Matt I’m so scared!” “Well I’ll come over in a couple of hour’s okay?” “Okay” and then they both went back to sleep. After waking up again at about 8 from the same nightmare Mary got up and dressed and got some breakfast. “Bye Dad, Bye Mom! I’m going to Matt’s!” After walking 2 block’s in 2 feet of snow she finally reached Matt’s house where they talked about her dream and the call. “Well this sure is freaky.” Matt said and Mary agreed. That’s when Matt noticed the time “It’s already noon, are you hungry Mary?” “Sure” Matt went downstairs and quickly returned with some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. “Only thing you can make” Mary said sarcastically “yea” Matt whispered softly hoping she didn’t here. After spending all day with Matt he started to walk her home but stopped and stared at the sky when they got to the sidewalk making sure it wasn’t snowing. After about a block it started to snow and that’s when Mary began to become scared she held onto Matt’s and noticed he was holding her hand tight too. That’s when she felt it the blade go into her back slowly but with enough force to break the skin. She saw the horrific look on Matt’s face when he saw the blood she felt pouring down her back and tried to scream as she saw the knife pull out of her back and head towards Matt. He was too stunned to move. Then they fell together into the small amount of snow on the sidewalk and all she heard as she was slipping away was “Sweet dreams children… Sweet dreams… HAHAHA!”

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Little EDdy said...
on Apr. 16 2010 at 8:15 pm
This is a REALLY good story do you write often? I like it alot.