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January 6, 2010
By MarinaNicole SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
MarinaNicole SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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She walked towards the lit doorway at the end of the hall. The hall was dark, and she stumbled. She still had the agonizing feeling someone was watching her, following her. She finally reached the doorway, reached for the handle, turned it and opened the door, and…

She fell. She fell into a terrible smothering black hole; it swallowed her as she fell. Air rushing past her, rushing into her ears. She screamed, but there was no sound. She heard it in her mind, but in the emptiness she only heard complete and utter silence.

She lost sight of where she was falling from; her sense of direction had been thrown away. The blistering cold surrounded her as she cascaded through the darkness. Scared, she was sweating. Perspiration beaded her forehead, her arms, her face. In one last attempt at escape, she sucked in a whooshing breath and let it out as she screamed for her sanity.

She heard it this time. The deafening sound of her voice echoed through invisible walls, the sound you would hear in a shadowy cave. This was no cave, this was a nothing; a hole, a space, a nonexistent and imagined state of mind. The rapid thoughts hit her like daggers as the sound of her voice carried on, ringing in her ears and undulating through her.

The author's comments:
This was originally the beginning of one of my stories called "Chris", but I took it out as I felt that it was confusing and irrelevant. It's sort of just deep rambling.

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