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From Me to Him

April 18, 2010
By OhSnapple GOLD, Concord, New Hampshire
OhSnapple GOLD, Concord, New Hampshire
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I walk to school every day, so this day was like any other. What I guess could be a noticeable difference was that there was a strange, eerie fog covering my entire street.

The sun was nowhere to be found, which is unheard of in Kettle, California. Like most of California, it is always sunny, and unlike most of the other cities, my town is small. Everyone has a connection to almost everyone one way or another.

That is why seeing a person that I didn’t know, or at least couldn’t recognize from his visible features, was one of the strangest things I had ever seen in my sixteen years.

Through the fog I could make out the outline of a man. He was tall, and seemingly lanky. He had his arms distanced from his body, like seen from someone who is trying to show off their muscles to be admired. But this man didn’t seem to have many muscles. Although, the muscles he did have seemed flex, as is he was very nervous, or tense about something

As we were within fifty feet of one another, I saw his worried eyes, and I stopped staring because I assumed he could also see mine.

We were both walking very slowly now, and as we were approaching thirty feet from one another the whole situation seemed very drawn out and suspenseful. I grew curious. He focused in on me, and although I couldn’t help but notice him also, I did my best to pretend that I had other things on my mind.

At fifteen feet the constant that could only be described as both of us “checking each other out”, ended. He stopped, abruptly, and closed his eyes quickly. This was too weird for me so I began to quickly walk past him, almost run.

When I was about to cross him he grabbed me. I can’t say I wasn’t surprised. I was hurt, and disgusted, but I was not surprised. The whole situation between us was way too weird to end without a bang.

I screamed in vain. I knew there was no one around. I tried to fight back, but the muscles I saw earlier, those of a weakling, were still those of a grown man. He grabbed me around the waist and dragged me into the bushes beside the sidewalk where it all happened. All the time I was screaming, so he put his hand over my mouth. I got hold of a finger and bit. He cursed, and then repositioned his hand so that I couldn’t get at him again.

I did everything I could. I kicked, I punched, I pulled hair, and most of all, I screamed. All my work got me nowhere. The whole time he had an almost effortless hold on me.

From our place in the bush, he pulled me out onto the other side. On the other side there was another sidewalk. But on this one there was a car pulled up on the curb. I assumed this was meant for me. It couldn’t be a sixteenth birthday present, could it?

Nope, this was his car. He opened the passenger door, and threw me in. He grabbed the rope from the glove compartment, all the time holding me down, and fastened me to the seat. And then a piece of duct tape was around my mouth. If I wasn’t so distressed, I would have laughed at the cliché.

When we got to his house, or at least I assumed it was his house since we pulled into the garage, I judged the ride was about an hour and a half. And still now I hadn’t heard his voice once.

“What do you want with me?” I asked and exhaled at the same time.

He did not answer verbally. He dragged me through the door in the house that connects to the garage. Still in the basement, we entered another room. This one was a bed room.

I had my answer. This was no weird play date. I was either about to get raped or then released, or I was about to get raped and then killed.

With this brutal answer I also had a goal: I was going to get out. But how? Then I saw a window over the bed, which was of the ones that pull out and not up. It was slightly cracked.

As he turned and locked the door I ran. I jumped on the bed and then push open the window. I saw the light of day, no longer fog, and also saw my freedom.

I was halfway out when he grabbed my ankles and pulled. I held on, but not for long. As I slid back into the room, I banged my jaw on the bottom of the window. Well, at least I had my first bruise over with.

Then I was thrown on the bed, and raped.

Next, he dragged me into a bathroom. My damaged body was thrown into a bathtub. After all that had happened I didn’t even flinch when he pulled out a knife. Also, I was too busy thinking for the last time as a mortal being, about the people that I love. And then it was over.

I turned to God to see his reaction to my story. He had listened so politely. Softly and smiling, he spoke:

“Well…now you are here, and he is there, living with what he has done. As an immortal you will realize that the wait for your loved ones will be short. I feel only for the ones you have touched on earth, unfortunately they must wait in mourning before they get to see your angelic face.”

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on May. 3 2010 at 10:11 am
Secret_Love_Tells GOLD, Harrisonburg, Virginia
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I really like this story. I'm in the process of writing a rape story...