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The Color Scheme Part Two, Secrets Revealed

October 10, 2011
By notmehaha GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
notmehaha GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
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Still sniffling, Agent Red began telling them his story. He said, "AT the night that the kind died...I was there. I wasn't planing to steal anything. The robbers and I weren't helping each other. I didn't even know them. I was near the princess. Earlier tonight I noticed she looked very familiar. Then I remembered. Long ago we were dating. I was in her bedroom while she was sleeping and then I heard something that sounded dangerous. I quickly rushed to the crime scene to protect her. When I got downstairs the burglars were already gone and the guards had just arrived. With only me there they figured I committed the murder. I begged them to let me go, but they wouldn't. I haven't seen the princess for a while. Though tonight I finally did. She must of ran away mostly because she thinks I killed her father."

Agent Blue and Agent Yellow stared at him. Then Agent Blue nodded. He wanted to help reunited Agent Red and Princess Oil Pastel. He told him that they would find her, so that's exactly what they did.

The next day they were on the road. Only Agent Blue was awake, the other two were still dozing off. Across the dusty path he found the princess's tiara. They must of been close. Two miles later he found her, clothes ripped and torn with scratches all over her. She seemed too weak to even move. Agent Blue dragged her into the vehicle and gave her food and water. Half an hour later she was much better. Agent Red woke up. With crusts in his eyes he looked at how peaceful the princess looked. He thought he was still dreaming. He grabbed her and held her tightly. She held him back. They talked for a while. Now the whole group had to head back to the castle. Off they went, driving at maximum speed. Soon they were safe at home. Agent Blue and Agent Yellow left Agent Red to live with the princess, and soon after, he became the king and the princess was his queen.

The author's comments:
The ending for Color Scheme. I wasn't planning to make this exactly some kind of palace wonderland, but I guess some parts seem that way.

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