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Antebellum Among the Abyss

December 7, 2011
By ForeverSweetheart GOLD, Safford, Arizona
ForeverSweetheart GOLD, Safford, Arizona
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Antebellum and Abyss lay under a blanket of stars, sprinkled heavily with glowing, alabaster stars. They are each abiding for Antebellum's words to break the prolonging silence. Abyss stares at Antebellum intensely. He's trying to dissect her from the inside out. He's waiting for her to say it. The words he anticipates she has and wants to unbridle from her heart. He bears a deep sadness from within. Antebellum gazes at Abyss sweetly. Sadness resides with a deep expanding agony, it would eventually prostrate him. Suffering. At last, Antebellum releases the five truest words she had ever bestowed faith in a single, smooth, gossamer whisper.

"I would die for you."

I licked my lips twice as I watch the two teenagers laugh as they lay on a black blanket naming made up constellations after each other. It makes me sick to see two people this happy with each other. I have to do something about this.
Kill them right here and now!!!!!!! Make them pay for every moment they fall deeper in love with each other!
Who are you?! Get out of my head!
You will do well to listen to me you repugnant child. Now listen I have a plan……


Abyss is walking towards Antebellum. Each movement is filled with dread for what he would commence to speak of. Antebellum recognizes the expression, and Abyss gives her time to absorb all the possible scenarios as to what could be wrong. Her smile fades away.

"Abyss, what's wr-"

What happened next was a blur to her. She felt so many different emotions at once. To the extent of pure ..........emptiness inside.

"Antebellum," his voice cracks, “I am so sorry, I fell in love with another girl. I didn't mean to-it just happened.....I fell in love with Sara after you. I’m……. We're done. I'm so sorry. I'll always love you as my friend at the very least." He turned on his heel.

And he was gone.

She watched as his omniscient form gradually died down through glazed, unseeing eyes. Then, she spoke words only he could have heard, had he not left.

"I would die for you."

Antebellum began walking home. She could no longer see through tear kissed eyes. She wasn't at school the next day, or rather; she was absent the entire week. She was at home setting, and lighting, hundreds of thousands of crimson candles throughout her bedroom. The hot, sticky scent of roses claimed the air as their own. Yes, they were dying as quickly and dramatically as she.

That same moment that she had lit the last candle, Abyss lay on his bed. Boredom was creeping its way through his veins. He seemed to realize something and picked up the phone already knowing what to say. He slammed his fingers on the numbers by habit rather than knowing.

It rang one.


Three times.

The other line clicked.

"Hello?" Her voice came out hesitant and was tinged with sadness.



"I made a mistake. You were the best thing that has ever been mine. You literally took my hand and pulled me through thick and thin, and all you asked of me was that I love you. In return I deceived you and broke so many things. Including your heart. I only thought I was in love with Sara. I'm sorry-" he paused as if searching for the right thing to say and seeming to give up, " I was confused, that's all baby. Can you forgive me?"

"It's too late." she whispered.
The line clicked, signaling the end of the call.

An enraged Abyss had questions pounding through his skull. Had she moved on? If so, who was she with? And did he really hurt her so badly that she wouldn’t even speak to him?

Disgusted by the idea that she had found someone else, he furiously rushed to her house. The door had been left ajar; he heard no one and walked inside. He gasped and dropped to his knees slowly, clutching his heart. There, before him lay a peaceful corpse all decked out in black and red leathers among blood stained rose petals and half burned crimson luminescent candles. Before he lost all the vision of his surroundings he caught sight of the wall above her. In blood she had written her prophesy:

"My soul is broken,

It is not spoken,

But it is always there,

My love is amongst the Abyss,

Ruins that no longer


I would die for you."

With that he took the very blade that mercilessly stole his love's life, resolving to take his own. Now there he lay his last breathe in rhythm with the Antebellum. The song now sings of Antebellum amongst the Abyss.


That was the worst thing that I have ever done in my entire life. All I want to do is kill myself, but the voice wants more… It thirst to drink the blood of innocent bystanders. The voice remains nameless.

Our work is not yet over………..

Chapter 1
“It appears as if the male adolescent has first killed the female, and then he felt so guilty that he flat out killed himself. What doesn’t add up is the fact that there is one set of finger prints on the broken window that was found at the end of the corridor, and the boy’s set on the doorknob. ” Officer Malone stated. Officer Malone is a man in his late twenties who is six foot something, and has the endurance of a cheetah, you wouldn’t want to be caught doing something wrong around him.
“Have we received the autopsy reports yet?”
“I haven’t had another set of eyes to check them out, Burt.”
“I have a gross feeling in my stomach that causes me to say that I’m purty sure this case could be blown out into a murder.”
“Burt, you know that we don’t need that kind of publicity right now.”
“Just a feeling boss.”
“If I wanted your feelings I would have asked, Burt.”
There is nothing that can hide my concern for this to become a murder case. We already live in a small town; I mean nothing ever happens here. If this is a murder case then no one’s safe anymore. The worst thing in this town that officers have to deal with is a couple of kids taking a joy ride in their neighbor’s Porsche.
“Officer Malone, the autopsy reports are in now.”

The author's comments:
It's amazing, I know, but cut it some slack it's just a rough draft. I wanted to write this so the voice in my head would quite nagging me. :)

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