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Help - Part 2

March 28, 2013
By Head-In-The-Clouds GOLD, Bath, Other
Head-In-The-Clouds GOLD, Bath, Other
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Time is slow at the moment. People say the speed of time can’t change; I know it can. It’s dark and lifeless here. I don’t know where I am. Please help….
I got taken; I don’t know how long ago only that they won’t untie me. I haven’t seen light since I got abducted; I think I’ve been hallucinating. I seem to be in a room inside a room, they open a door at the far end yet no light enters. I feel like a trapped animal, caged for no apparent reason. They give me food that tastes… off, I have to use my hands to scoop up the gruel and instantly I’m asleep. When I wake up I hear the door at the far end close and my whole body aches, I feel bruised to the bone but I never remember what happened. I find welts on my legs and cuts on my arms, but don’t remember moving from where I am.
I didn’t think any of this would ever happen to me, only to other people, those you always see in the news. I’m just an average person, why me? Why do I have to be put through this? I haven’t done anything.
I was okay at school, average marks. I had friends but wasn’t in that ‘popular’ group that no one actually likes; as I said, the average person. My parents divorced when my mum was pregnant with me, she always said it was because he couldn’t handle the stress but I know it wasn’t. She’ll never admit that she was abused; she’s too strong for that.
I miss my mum. She was the one who was always there for me. After the divorce my dad abandoned me and my mum, marrying another woman who he was dating behind my mum’s back. I despise him.
I’m cold and scared. I don’t know where I am or what I’m going to do; I can only hope that someone will come and save me from this place.

Walking through the battle field all I could see were burning trees and dead bodies. Then I saw what I most dreaded; my mother lying there, blood streaming down her head, her lifeless eyes staring up at me in despair. As the agony hit me I noticed my father next to her, their hands inches apart. Now I am alone.
The sorrow knocked me hard. I slumped down next to parents and wept. Suddenly a sharp stabbing pain raced through my body and I felt dizzy and faint.
I woke up, aliens surrounded me. The humans are gone.
Looking around I was strapped to some form of medical table. A bright light shone above me and a table of vicious looking tools sat waiting, next to me. As I turned my head I could see people like creatures standing all around me. They were tall beings, no fat could be seen on them but their muscles were clearly showing as if they were etched into their skins. None of this shocked me as much as the odd colour of their skin; it seemed to glow a strange green. Not shining out but just gently glowing as if each of them had swallowed dozens of fire –flies. I tried to sit up, to turn around, to find out where the hell I was but I was strapped to the table too tightly, which only panicked me more. I struggled with my bonds before realising it was no use. Only then did I notice the strange beings were watching with intent. Before they had been talking to each other in some unknown language, some holding tablets and taking notes, some nattering away as if I wasn’t there; but now all eyes were on me as they watched me relax from trying to get out of my bonds. As I lay there perfectly still, only my chest moving slowly up and down the creatures slowly started communicating again.

There’s a strange feeling in the air today; I think its hope. I haven’t felt hope in a long time and I don’t really recognise it anymore. I don’t know what I should be hopeful for; it’s been the same routine since I came here. Today there just seems to be something in the air, and it’s not the foul smell that has been here since I arrived. I heard a loud bang of what I thought was the outside door and I prepared for yet another disgusting meal. The inner door opened and I held my breath as I did every time the men entered, but this time it wasn’t the men. Two tall beings seemingly glided over to me; a strange green ora surrounding them. They were talking in some strange language I didn’t recognise and I shrunk against the wall trying to blend into the shadows. They continued to drift towards me while I hoped, prayed, begged I wasn’t going to be hurt again. Faintly I saw a needle in their grasp and I squirmed back trying to become invisible against the wall. Closing my eyes I tried to drift away. I could sense the beings just in front of me and I squeezed my eyes tighter shut. Suddenly a sharp stabbing pain raced through my body and I felt dizzy and faint.

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Made some changes and added a bit. Hope you enjoy :)

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