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My Gift

March 10, 2014
By Winterlyn BRONZE, Davie, Florida
Winterlyn BRONZE, Davie, Florida
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My name is Anthony. Everyone thinks I’m crazy. That’s why I’m in here. This small plain white room filled with cushions on the walls & floors & with this really tight blanket thing around my arms. I’ll only tell you why they think I’m crazy if you promise not to ask too many questions. Okay? Okay. Well, I talk to dead people. I kind of miss them, since these crazy doctors force me to take these big round blue pills every 6 hours to make them disappear. I don’t really like to talk about my gift, but if you insist I guess I’ll take my time & tell you. I don’t remember when it started, but I used to have these people that came to me & told me what to do. I wouldn’t think they were dead if they didn’t have rotting flesh & all. Some are really nice & tell me to do helpful things for real people. On the other hand some are really pushy & tell me to do horrible things. They tell me if I listen to them I will get rewarded in the afterlife. Since I repel any kind of human interaction, they were my only friends, so I had to trust them! No friend lies to you.
There’s this one old mafia-looking guy that comes to me about once a week. Don’t tell him I told you this, but I don’t really enjoy him. He makes me do the worse things. His name is Chuck & he was sentenced to life in prison in 1986 because of going on a killing spree at his job because he was laid off only a few years before retirement. He committed suicide in prison & found me shortly after that. I’ll only tell you what he made me do if you promise to keep shut about it, okay? Okay. Well, this one time, he told me his old coworker’s name, Bradley, & painted a picture in my head of what he looks like; I guess he really doesn’t find Bradley appealing because he told me to follow him home & finish his job. So I followed Bradley home, he lived in this rinky-dink apartment building. Chuck was with me the whole time. I entered the elevator with Chuck & Bradley in Bradley’s apartment building. Chuck was screaming & cursing at him the whole time; right in his face. I panicked because I thought Bradley was going to hear Chuck, even though it’s completely impossible, so I just slit his throat with my knife quick & clean. He barely put up a fight, Chuck was pleased. Chuck told me what room number he was & helped me drag Bradley’s lifeless body down the hall, when we reached his door; I went in his pocket & pulled out his key. I opened the door & we drug him in. There was a thick trail of blood from the elevator to Bradley’s door. Chuck looked at the pool of blood that was forming, & snapped his fingers. The blood was completely gone, even the trail in the hallway. I love when my friends do that, it’s so cool. Chuck decided we needed to hide the evidence, so I dragged Bradley into the bathtub so there wouldn’t be any more blood on the floor. Chuck went in the kitchen & grabbed pair of meat cutting scissors & handed them to me. First, I cut the fingers & toes off; that’s my favorite part because they shoot out a thin steam of blood like a kid’s water gun. I put the scissors down & grabbed my knife. It took over 2 hours to cut the up the body. I smushed all the pieces in a garbage bag, and followed Chuck to the roof. I abandoned the bag behind an air conditioning system, & started to walk home. Chuck told me what a good job I did & how pleased he is. He informed me he’ll be back soon, & to keep this incident a little secret of ours, that’s why you need to keep quiet that I told you!
On the other hand, there’s this one gorgeous woman that lives in my closet. Her name is Betty. We kind of have a thing, if you know what I mean. She’s not like the others. She reminds me of an angel; she doesn’t have rotting flesh or anything! Her hair is beautiful golden curls that come all the way down to her waist & this stunning white & gold robe. Her smile would just knock you out if you ever saw her. Every time I visit her, she acts like she doesn’t even know me, even though we’re married! She likes to play games. She also thinks she owns the apartment building I live in, how silly! You’re probably wondering when she moved into my closet, well this one Sunday morning on March 1st; Betty knocked on my door asking for money! I told her how beautiful she was & she did not need to beg for money in this manner. She called me crazy! Crazy! That’s when I became furious. I told her the money was on the table in my kitchen. I invited her in & when she walked in; I quickly shut the door & grabbed her forehead & slammed the back of her head on the door, knocking her out. Chuck quickly appeared & started laughing! He was amused by my action. He snapped his fingers & a rope appeared around Betty’ chest, arms, & legs. He told me to hide her in my closet & put duct tape on her mouth. Chuck disappeared, shortly after.
When Betty regained consciousness, I quickly greeted her & told her this was her new home! She was screaming in joy! She loved it so much tears ran down her cheeks. I was so pleased, I asked her to marry me, she screamed again that meant yes, I could tell from the look of pure joy in her watery eyes. That’s the day I fell in love. About a week later I began to wonder why she would constantly ignore me. All she would do is sleep. She started to give off this horrible odor. She still wouldn’t wake up. I went to the pharmacy to get her some medicine. I told the pharmacist what had been happening to my poor Betty that lived in my closet. The pharmacist looked really worried & was almost shaking. I appreciated her concern, I really did. She went to the back for quite a while, I thought I heard a whimper; I shrugged & thought it was my imagination. Finally she came back to the counter & handed me a bottle of aspirin, with her shaking hands & all. She then took all my information to check in on my Betty in a couple of days, how sweet of her!

When I got home, I quickly forced the pills down Betty’s throat because she wasn’t cooperating at all! She still wouldn’t look at me or even talk to me. I kept thinking to myself, ‘What did I do?’ I heard a few bangs on the front door, I quickly closed Betty’s door, because I didn’t want anyone to see how sick she was & ran to the front door. I opened the door to see a whole swat team bundled in the apartment hallway. They quickly tackled me to the floor & a couple ran over to my sweet Betty’s door. I screamed “Don’t touch my Betty! She’s very ill!” I was watching them open her door & when they saw her, one of them gasped “Oh my God!” then I felt a sharp shock on my neck, & everything went blurry, & I passed out.
I woke up in a small cubical room cuffed to a chair& a small metal table in front of me. A man walked in & asked why I killed Bradley Faught & Laurn Kael. I quickly thought that Chuck had squeaked on me! I was filled with betrayal, & yelled “Chuck made me do it! He made me, I swear! He’s lying to you! Don’t listen to him!” The man looked quite confused. The man told me that there is footage of me committing the crime in Bradley’s apartment building, with no one else helping me. I started to become confused myself & agitated. Another man walked in, he was really tall. The tall man started questioning me about Chuck & this Laurn girl. I informed him about my gift, & told him I don’t know a Laurn. He said that Laurn was the owner of the apartment & was collecting rent money. The security camera shows Laurn walking in my room & never coming out. He also added the swat team found Laurn dead in my closet just a few hours ago. I screamed “Betty? That’s my wife! Her name is Betty! & she’s not dead, she’s very sick! Leave her alone!” The tall man looked wide eyed, & walked out. Shortly after, a man in a lab coat brought me to a room where he told me to lay down on the table. I told him I would only lie down if I got to see Betty after. He ensured me that I would get to see my beloved wife. So I layed down & he stuck a thick needle in my arm & I fell asleep.
I woke up in this place. I still wait for my Betty every day. She’s probably tidying our house because the swat team trashed it. I can’t explain how much I love that girl. At least I don’t have to see Chuck anymore, because like I said the crazy pills the doctors give to me, make him disappear, along with the nice ghost also. I feel pretty alone, but one day Betty will get me out of here. I know she will, like I said I saw the love in her eyes the day I proposed. We’re meant to be.

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Reenie said...
on Mar. 13 2016 at 5:52 pm
Amazing , great detail and incredible story line

Brianw27 said...
on Mar. 13 2014 at 5:53 pm
Nice story bro.