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I don't like the Dark

September 30, 2014
By AnonymousSoul BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
AnonymousSoul BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
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"The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist..." -R. Lutece, 1889

Sarah groaned as she saw the list of tasks she had to complete appear in front of her on the brightly lit screen in her dark room. She sighed as she read it over and gently said to herself “They always have me do the dumbest of work.”. It was the time of year where everyone was getting ready because of graduation and prom but of course that wasn’t the concern of Sarah, she honestly just wanted to get out of this damned school but because of the fact she was expected to help her friends get ready.She was forced to help and shook her head and rubbed her eyes looking at the clock next to her screen which read in red letters “11:00 PM”.

“Dammit..” Sarah thought to herself as she saw the time. She knew it was late but had no idea it had already gotten to that time and now she would probably have a hard time sleeping or even waking up in the morning. She climbed into bed after shutting off all her lights. She closed her eyes and slowly drifted to sleep until she heard a strange noise, it didn’t feel like it was real but it stayed there as if coming from somewhere besides that place in her mind she was. It was almost like a buzzing but at the same time a ringing, it was extremely annoying and made her begin to squirm in her bed.

Thanks to this noise she slowly stirred awake from her slumber to look around her room and was a bit surprised to get a blinding shot of light in her eyes. Somehow the lights had been turned back on. “Ugh, dad probably came in here and didn’t turn off the lights again.” She shook her head as she thought this and got up still a bit groggy from not really having slept that long. She opened the door to check if her dad was still home but it didn’t look like he was but for some reason all the lights in the house seemed to have been turned on. Her father had never did something like this before and it was really weird. She went along and turned off all of the lights she could still feeling awful from having been woken up so rudely by whatever noise she heard.

She slowly made her way back to her bedroom and hopped into bed after shutting her lights back off. She fell back asleep and slept until her alarm rudely woke her up with a loud blaring beeping near her ear. She smacked the snooze button and got back to getting out of bed. She moved across the room and went about her normal day getting ready in the morning, showering, combing her hair, and applying makeup. She went to school and got through all seven hours of it with only a slight headache from the stupidity she saw around her. Once she got home she hopped right back onto her computer and signed onto her normal programs to start working on the tasks given to her, hating that she had to create or do anything for such a stupid celebration.

After staying on the computer for the rest of the day. She sighed as she finally completed another one of the assignments given to her. She looked at her clock and saw this time it was 11:30 PM. She groaned because of the fact this was the second night in a row that she had done this and she knew it’d start affecting her sleeping if she wasn’t careful. She followed the same process as she did last night, she removed her clothes and makeup and then shut the lights off climbing into bed and after sitting with her eyes closed for a while she slowly drifted to sleep. It had seemed at least thirty minutes had passed if not more when that same noise began going off in her ear.

She angrily shook herself awake from her sleep and when she woke up the noise was gone. But yet again her eyes were blinded by the lights all being turned on in her room. She sighed as she looked at the clock as her eyes went wide seeing that it was only 1:30 AM. “Dad doesn’t go to work till 5.” She thought this to herself and she rubbed her eyes and stood up walking out of her room to check to see if the same thing had happened with the rest of the lights like in her bedroom. When she opened her door she saw that it had happened. She was getting a little nervous not really understanding what was going on but left her room to turn off all of the lights in the house again. She turned the lights off and when she returned to her bedroom she did the same with her own lights. She climbed into bed, but all of a sudden that noise that had started to wake her up started going again.

She thought she heard it coming from outside of her bedroom, so she went to see what the hell it was. The reality is she was getting rather annoyed with the noise waking her up, and now even keeping her awake. She opened the door and yet again her eyes went wide, this time with fear. Every light had been turned on once again, she was shaking her head knowing that she had turned them off not just a few minutes ago. She went and turned them all off again still wondering just what the hell was going on around her. She then started heading back to her room and saw that her bedroom door was closed. “What the, I don’t remember closing this or even hearing it close” She thought to herself.

She made her way to the door and grabbed the doorknob slowly turning it and turning it while pushing on the door. As it opened the first thing she noticed was the light in her bedroom had been turned back on and she felt a chill go down her spine as she shoved it the rest of the way open. Her jaw dropped as she looked onto her bed and saw, something. She couldn’t put what it was into words because it didn’t resemble anything she had heard of before. She saw it’s slight grey hairs on it’s head with it’s completely grey and nearly naked body sitting there with nothing but a cloak covering it’s lower half. As it’s head turned towards her to see her face she felt another chill go down her spine as goosebumps began to form. The creature began to smile, it’s dagger like teeth now showing as it began to speak. “I.. don’t like the dark…” It grinned as these words came from it’s mouth. Sarah opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out as the creature leapt off the bed.

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