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running away

January 4, 2015
By The_DoctorDonna PLATINUM, Anytown, Iowa
The_DoctorDonna PLATINUM, Anytown, Iowa
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run. run as fast as you can. never look back. don’t ever turn around. run. just run.

These are the only words I can remember from my childhood. Actually, they’re the only words I can remember at all, and it’s all I can remember doing. Running, I mean. My whole life I’ve been running, and I don’t even know what I’m running from. Hi. The name’s Esmirelda. Normally, now would be the time for introductions, but there’s just one problem. Other than my name, I don’t know anything about myself. I don’t know who I am. Running is all I have ever known, all I do know, and, I suppose, all I ever will know. Only those words echo through my head, over and over, day and night.

run. just run.

So I do, and I will keep on running forever. I am Esmirelda, and now, you must excuse me, but I have to run.

run. just run.

The author's comments:

This idea just sort of came to me. It seems to me that there are people out there who are constantly running, so I decided to write a short piece about one such person. Though Esmirelda is fictional, I hope that a lot of people can relate. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, and enjoy!

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