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March 3, 2015
By The_DoctorDonna PLATINUM, Anytown, Iowa
The_DoctorDonna PLATINUM, Anytown, Iowa
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I look around. My heart is beating out of my chest. Nobody’s there. I know it; but I just can’t convince myself of that no matter how many times I say it. There’s something following me, all the time. Every day I catch them out of the corner of my eye. No one else believes me. I finally stopped trying to tell people about it, because they all think that I’m crazy. Even my best friends think I’m off my rocker. They just laughed it away, but I could tell they were genuinely concerned. So, I just pretended that I was joking. Now, I’m stuck with this secret and I can’t mention it to anyone. You don’t have to believe me, but you are my last hope. Lately, things have started going wrong. I see them out of the corner of my eye more often now, and I’m getting really scared. Things are all wrong. The Shadows are moving. Without people. I’m the only one who notices, though. The Shadows are doing things and I’m getting blamed. The other day, I was sitting in class and the Shadows reached out and knocked over my water bottle. It wasn’t a big deal, but it made the teacher glare at me. Then it got worse. The Shadows threw my papers throughout the room as soon as the teacher looked away. She started yelling at me, and all I could do was hang my head and apologise. This was bad, but things just kept happening over and over. Every time someone looks away, the Shadows cause trouble. I need help, but there’s nobody to ask. Please, you are my last hope. Help Me.

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In case you have read my other stuff, this actually has nothing to do with Doctor Who or the Vashta Nerada. It's just an idea I had, and no, the shadows are NOT the Vashta Nerada. 

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on Apr. 3 2015 at 6:55 pm
ceceliajsavoy BRONZE, Tadley, Other
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I'm not a massive Dr Who fan, and so I was looking at this with a clean perspective. I love the mental aspect to this, and I'm inclined to believe the protagonist is crazy - or is she? However, I think the last paragraph of action was a bit rushed and so almost unbelievable. If you spent a bit more time on the last part, you could really have something here :)