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It all started when...

January 17, 2009
By Anonymous

“Ding Dong!”

The doorbell rang as Mike rushed to get it. As he approached the door, he saw a package slid underneath it. As he reached to grab it, his cell phone rang. He swiftly grabbed the package and ran towards his phone.


“ Mike, you’ve been tagged. Follow as I say or you’ll be killed. Cooperate and you might stay alive”

“ Who is this?”

He closed the phone assuming it was just a prank call.

“ Ring, ring”

“ Hello, who is this? This isn’t funny!”

“ Mike, if you disobey once more you will be killed. Open the package that has been delivered to your house. Put on the safety gear and hide the gun in your back pocket. Proceed to the train station exactly three blocks east and board the train till Fiber ST. From there you will receive further directions and remember if you don’t follow, you’ll be killed.”

Mike confusingly put on his pants and the gear and rushed toward the train station praying he will live to see tomorrow. Half an hour later after the arrival at Fiber ST., the phone rings once more

“ Hello?”

“ On your left there is a Nissan Altima and inside there is gear like you have on but in a smaller size. Proceed to 6957 Baron Ave. and pick up a child and drive to Penn Station!”
He was freaked out but unquestionly took the car and drove as fast as he could. When he arrived to the house a girl jumped in and they proceed to their destination.

“ Hi, I’m Mike. Whats your name?”

“ I’m Becky”

“ Do you know anything about what’s going on right now?” asked Mike.

“ No but my mommy told me to wait for some man to pick me up and drive me somewhere while her friend pulled her to his truck but I think they were playing around. But that man isn’t a good player because my mommy was kind of crying.”

“Ring ring”

“ Now that you have arrived, go inside and leave the child on the train that says “Jet blue” and then proceed to the north wing and try to sneak through the security towards the vault and retrieve a package. If you are caught, retrieve your gun and fire. Then get the package and run back to the train. Once you get off, you’ll receive further directions! Be careful!”

“O my god!”
He rushed to put Becky on the train and rushed back towards the north wing. He tried to sneak by but was caught!

“ You there! Stop immediately!”
At the exact second Mike ran at the speed of lightning. Gun shots fired left and right. He grabbed the package and slid right past the guards firing his gun as well. Inside the package was a change of clothes and a letter saying “For Mr. Pushwik.” A while later after the arrival, the phone rang.

“Proceed to the library on your left and leave the child at the children’s table and continue up the stairs to the roof. There will be a helicopter and it is self flying so do not touch the wheel. The helicopter will take you to your next destination and in the middle of your trip you will get a phone call with further instructions. As he boarded the helicopter, he saw a comfortable couch. He decided to take a nap while the aircraft hovers over the seas. Hours past and Mike was trying to fall asleep but he couldn’t stop thinking about life and death, seeing tomorrow or is this the last day.

“ Ring ring”

“ Underneath the couch you’re laying on is a book bag. Attach it to your self and above you there is a timer. When it strikes zero, the aircraft will explode. Jump out the door and pull on your string to hatch open a parachute.”
Ten, nine, eight, seven…. Thoughts ran round and round in Mike’s head. Five, four, three…. His stomach churned in pains of fright. Two, one… and he jumped. Soaring through the sky screaming at the top of his lungs.

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
He pulled on the string swiftly releasing the parachute. He maneuvered it from side to side to only find himself landing on an island of beautiful golden sand.

“ Ring ring”

“Advance through the forest and into the village of Leran. There find the building named Council of Leran. Go inside and you will be directed from there.”

He ran toward the building confused, hungry and tired. Once he found it, he stepped inside to see a message on a billboard. It read “proceed into the elevator to the 5th floor”
He did as directed. Once he got inside the elevator, it rose extremely quickly and then it fell back down.

“Beep beep beep”

“ Huh? What happened?”

Mike got up to find out that it had only been a dream!

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on Feb. 18 2009 at 3:43 pm
i really like this story :) i started reading it and ended up actually being quite scared for the main character. I think with a little more decription of surroundings this could be really great work. At the minute i think theres a little bit too much speech. i was always taught to show rather than tell. but good luck with stuff :)