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Friday The 13th part XII: Jason's Outmatched

March 3, 2016
By Kurtis34 PLATINUM, Akron, Ohio
Kurtis34 PLATINUM, Akron, Ohio
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     One morning I was ready to go water-skiing in Camp Laurene in Akron, Ohio with Alma, Phillip and Tommy Jarvis. On the skis, I felt a bump like a rock. So I decided to get off to meet my mom and my best friends Cyle, James and Natalie. I said to my little brother “That was fun Keith” Keith said “That’s great”. I asked Joseph “What time is it”. Joseph said,” It’s time for bed”. I got into bed and said,” Good night Alma.” While I was sleeping, the lake was bubbling and Jason Voorhees got out of the water with algae and my face in his pupils and with a confused face. Then Natalie walked out of the cabin to take a bathroom break in the outhouse. Then, Jason Voorhees walked slowly with an evil face. Natalie said “Oops I dropped my toilet pap-! "  Then Jason Voorhees thrust her neck with a wood plank and Natalie’s face on the toilet.
     Next morning, I went to the outhouse and screamed like a little girl. I call my friends and said " Look Natalie’s dead and there a sign in blood that says I’m coming for you Kurtis.” Tommy said “I know who would do this it’s Jason Voorhees.” We both said” How’s this possible he was killed by Freddy Krueger” Tommy said” You know him?” I said “I saw it happen far away.” Tommy said “Then be careful of him he’s got powers.” I said’ I try to defend myself with my baseball bats.” Tommy said “Call you’re strongest people to defend against Jason Voorhees.” I called Phillip, James, Joseph, Samantha, Keith, and Alma. I told them about the situation. Everyone got weapons and gear. Everyone grabbed everything from AK-47’s to crossbows. Cyle decided to camp out and look out for Jason Voorhees. I said on his walkie talkie " How’s your situation ? ” Cyle said “Fine- Ahh!” Then Jason Voorhees snapped his neck like a twig. I said” Come in Come in” Then the walkie talkie broke. I said’ Jason must’ve got Cyle” Tommy Jarvis said” Why is he killing your friends”. I said” I don’t know well maybe it’s because I hit something while water skiing” Tommy said “That was Jason, you idiot!” I said” Look out!” Tommy and I ran and ran to the farmhouse. Then James came in with half his body cut off. James said with blood in his mouth and said ” I’m sorry-plah- I tried-plah to defend myself-Pelh.” Then, James goes to sleep with death. I cry and say” Curse you Jason why must you kill everyone we love! I going after you Voorhees” Tommy said” Don’t get too attached to yourself, dummy.” I called Laurene Samantha and Phillip and said” Take these daggers to defend yourselves” They said” What do they do” They have a power to double damage the daggers”. I said” Be careful”. Samantha was looking out and said” I’m bored” She decided to ride her ATV and listen to music. Then Jason Voorhees saw my mom from her ATV and used a machete and decapitated her with one strike. Then the ATV hit a car and blew up. I said " Whoa what was that”.  Then I cried like a waterfall because mom was gone. Then, Tommy said” Never listen to music while camping.”
     Next day, I woke up and said “Good and deadly morning.” Tommy said " Hey Where’s Keith ?” I said ” He went to take a leak, uh oh !” Then Keith went to the bathroom. Then out of nowhere Jason grabbed his head and stuck his face in the geyser and burned his face off like lava. I went to investigate and saw Keith’s hot face burned off. Laurene said’ what’s going on” I said” Keith’s dead” Laurene said “Sorry about Keith.” Then Phillip went swimming and dried off. Then Phillip decided to relax in the farmhouse. Phillip say James’ body and screamed Then, Jason silently grabbed Phillip and used a broken twig and stabbed it into his temple. Then Tommy said” Time to stop hiding and take on Jason’. I said’ I agree “.I built a baseball bat with a nail at the top. Alma grabbed the dagger. Laurene decided to hide in the cabins. Tommy, Alma and me went to take on Jason in the Farmhouse. Tommy said” Look out he can be anywhere” Then Jason appeared out of the window. I said" Attack !”  Tommy tried to attack, but missed.
Jason then threw the machete but Tommy jumped in front and saved me. I said” Tommy, why did you do that ?” Tommy said with blood " So-you-plah-can-take-plah my-plah power- to- defeat- him.” Then Tommy said in echo ” Take my power ! ” Then an orb got in me and I felt stronger. Then Jason raised his machete at Alma and I suddenly used my weapon and hit it at Jason’s head. Then Jason fell on the floor with blood dripping out. Alma said ” You did it!” Then I saw his fingers twitching and hit him 30 more times  and said "Die” to make he was dead once and for all. Then Alma and I shared our first kiss.
     2 days later I was at the hospital with alma watching my news story.” Then out of now where Jason burst through the wall and killed us. Then I woke up and panicked and said,” Jason’s still alive”.
                                       THE END

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