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Under The Bed

February 24, 2009
By CanadianIdiot BRONZE, Middletown, New Jersey
CanadianIdiot BRONZE, Middletown, New Jersey
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You can never tell what goes on under the bed when you are asleep. Nobody, not even God knows what goes on under there, nevertheless, nobody can control it. It is that dangerous of a place.

How do I know this, you ask? I am one of the people who tried to prove there is something down there. But where are my manners? I am Frederic Thomson, but you can just call me Fred. I am currently a patient in Wayne Alvinson's Asylum. I am here by mistake, I say! Nobody believes me now, and nobody believed me then. Nobody will believe me ever; all because I am in a straight jacket in this padded cell.

How can you trust me if I am in an asylum, you are wondering, correct? It is simple: I am telling the truth. Unlike most insane people, I am telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You can choose to not believe me, but that is all up to you. Let me cut the crap I have to say and get straight to what I have to tell you.

It all started on the night of my seventeenth birthday. While I slept that peaceful night, I first heard them. I woke slowly, not even considering what it might be. All I knew was that I heard noises. I looked all around and saw nothing. I glanced out my window and only saw the darkness outside.

As I attempted to go back to sleep, I heard the same noise again. This time it was much clearer. It was a soft demonic cackling. I sat up and stretched my arms out; I was planning on looking for that voice. As my arms were extended, I accidentally hit my alarm clock. The clock fell off my nightstand and fell onto the floor. As I bet down to pick it up, I came upon a frightening sight. A stick-like hand quickly reached out from under my bed and grabbed my clock. Then, just as swiftly, the hand retreated under my bed.

I turned on my lamp within a heart beat. I franticly looked around my room to see if anything was there; nothing except my Van Halen, Die Hard, and super model posters. What had I just seen? Was it some kind of monster or was someone under my bed?

At the time, I was very tired. I did not know what time it was, but I had guessed I was very tired and was seeing things. I then went back to sleep, but kept the light on.

I did not bother to tell anyone in my house about what I had seen last night. I grew suspicious when I did not find my clock the next morning, though. My parents didn't notice, but I was getting a little scared.

The next night, I heard the same voice again. This time it was if it was in my ear. And I could clearly hear what it was saying: 'Get up,' it said in its cracking voice, 'Please get up so I can eat you''

I did not open my eyes but swung my arms towards the voice. I did not feel anything at all. I opened my eyes and found my room was still the same. Now I was scared.

For the next few days, I heard growls and felt things touching me all over my body. I would wake up and nothing would be there. At times, I would see that some things were misplaced in my room. When I would wake up the next morning, I would find them back where they originally were.

I had to know if it was only I who was seeing these things. My friends, Chad and Jared, talked to me about staying over one night to watch a movie. We had this planned for a while, but I didn't want them to know about my problems. But I figured if they heard the stuff, I would know I wasn't thinking this stuff up.

Before they arrived, I took a pistol from my dad's gun case. This was just in case something went wrong and I needed to use it. I hid it under my pillow and awaited friends to arrive.

When they did, we immediately watched the movie. It was late at night when the movie ended and we were tired. I had completely forgotten about what they were here for and we just went to sleep. As they fell asleep, I stayed awake for a moment.

I checked the gun under my pillow; it was still there. Since I knew it was there, I went to sleep.

I woke up from a soft scratching sound. I knew it was whatever was under my bed. As I reached under my pillow, I retrieved the gun. I pulled myself up and froze for a moment.

Staring me in the face was a monstrous being. Its skin was a pale green with bright red eyes. The head was cut up and had numerous scars. Its mouth was in an ominous smile, showing his broken and decayed fangs. It held up a long, gnarled finger to its mouth, telling me to be quiet.

I let out a yell and held my gun up to it. As Jared and Chad both woke up, the monster disappeared. They had not seen it.

'What are you doing, Fred?' Jared asked.

'There is a monster!' I said, 'A monster is in here!'

The two didn't react. 'Why do you have a gun?' Chad asked.

'So I can shoot it!' I replied.

Jared stood up and walked over to me. 'Fred, put the gun down and go back to sleep.'

'I can't! It's still in here!' I retorted. I jumped up from the bed and was panting excessively. I was looking for the creature.

From behind Chad the creature appeared. It seemed to laugh above him and point at me.

'There!' I yelled. I pulled the gun's trigger and shot at it. It disappeared just as the bullet was just by it, leaving a hole in the wall.

Chad fell to the floor and held his head down. He was scared.

Jared lunged at me, trying to get the gun from me. 'Give me the gun! We have to put it away!' He yelled.

'No!' I retorted. I had to kill it! It was haunting me! It was almost a necessity at this point.

From behind Jared, the creature appeared again. He started to silently jeer at me, showing off a long red long red tongue with green slime covering parts of it. He then moved silently towards Jared and me!

'Hurry,' I yelled, 'It's right behind you!'

In the crazy wrestle for the gun, I was not sure who did it, but someone pulled the trigger. And whoever did killed Jared. My friend had taken a shot to the head and quickly fell to the ground. The creature disappeared from view. Blood started to fill the floor and Chad let out a horrifying yell that I won't ever forget.

I stood up, frozen with the gun in hand. I could hear my parents rushing down the hall. What was I going to do?

Well, it turned out my parents called for help the moment the walked in. I was taken to a psychiatrist and was tried to be talked into sense. I explained to them I was telling the truth, but they refused to believe me.

So I here I am, ten years later in the asylum. Hopefully now, you will believe me. There are things under your bed that will do things to you. My experience drove me mad and I caused myself to end up here in this cell. Understand this: They can hide themselves from anyone, so do not trust another to see it for them self'

The author's comments:
Well, this is the first piece I'm posting here. I wrote this about a year ago and put a lot into it. Plus, I've gone back and edited it up. Based on my other pieces of writing (Which I'll post hopefully) I decided to make this sound more juvenile to add a sense of realism to it. Enjoy.

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