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Plague of Insanity

October 9, 2016
By skematt PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
skematt PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
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I was the last sane person in this world.
I was living at the wrong time, the time when everything was already distorted and warped, when left had already become right and black had already become white, when two plus two no longer made four but five.
My parents were once rational like me, until the police had shot them dead.
That day I had gotten into an argument with the other students in my class, who not only foolishly and publicly boasted out ridiculous claims of blasphemy on reason but also attacked my pillar of sanity and degraded my life-long value system. I felt the threat. I would soon get attacked. That pulled a trigger within myself. My vision and never been so clear — it was dangerous going to a school like that with the whole class having been infected with this unknown disease of lunacy. In the end, I was obliged by my survival instinct to plunge my pocket knife into the throats of the three boys blocking my way and took a long-planned escape path from the window.
The outer world seemed so dark and dangerous. It was my first time outside the bubble of home and school, which my parents had believed would be enough to cover up the special part of me. Along the way these adults on the street just kept on glancing towards the bloodstains on my shirt. I had to hide in an alley until the moon came out to avoid attention.
When I made it home, the bright flash of lightening illuminated the bloodstain on my shirt.  My parents saw it and commanded me to immediately escape through the sewer on the backyard. Upon the moment of them giving the order, a banging louder than the thunder shook the door. Through the bars of that sewage pipeline I witnessed how huge looming shadows dressed in uniform saying “police” blasted the door down. The electrical light was shut off as my parents took out their guns in order to buy me time. In no more than a minute, both of them fell down on the rain-drenched floor coated in blood.
That day I knew the same infection of lunacy had taken over the adults too.
Eventually I had to let go of the memories. I knew I was born here for a purpose. I needed to bring the world back to what it should be like — reason, fact, and logic.
Compelled to run from places to places, hideouts to hideouts, I could only propagandize the concepts of reason through the Internet. However, everyone who read my posts just treated them like a joke.
One day, I was trying to preach to a group of children, to drag them towards sanity before their parents put over too much influence over them. Unfortunately, their parents eavesdropped the conversation and stomped over angrily, pointing at my nose and telling me to stay away as far as I can from their children. I refused. So they threatened to call nine one one. No. Not the police. I detested them. Terrible flashbacks flooded. The screams, the storm, the gunshots. My eyes and ears were congested with violent images and sounds. No. Stop. I had to make it stop. They would make insane, make me one of them. Out of self defense, I was forced to take out my pistol. I shot them. All of them.
The police was notified somehow and arrested me. I had to protect my identity; if they figured out that I was special, they would probably execute me. I was humanity’s last hope.
They talked to me for a while and then came a doctor. He spoke to me alone. He seemed to be friendly and patient enough to listen to my speech on reason and rationality. I never had an audience like him! He sat there, mesmerized in silence, occasionally nodding and giving commentaries of agreements. Despite that it might sell off my cover, but I was overwhelmed with joy and surprise that there was a voluntary audience who actually had some hope to become sane again. After a while, he had to leave and I reluctantly sealed my mouth shut.
Then they brought me to this place. It was located at the outskirts of the city. Heavy clouds always hanged there on the sky and storm was frequent, making the environment so dark no matter the time of day just like the underworld of Greek mythology. After passing the rusting metal gates, I could see the flickering light passing through the ripped curtains and the shadow it made. The figure of a man was holding his hands out in front of his face and his mouth opened at an impossible angle. Another shadow of a woman was hopping frantically around nothing like someone in the middle of a cult ritual. There were shrill laughters and nauseating cries echoing off the stairwell.
The whole society was insane. Some people were just better at expressing their madness than others.
After a few uncomfortable days, I gradually adapted to the environment. Everyday there were sessions of an expert talking nonsense and asking us questions, saying that it was used to “correct our mindset”. Another better way to put it was to instill more lunacy in my head.
However, I never felt more like home before. Although each person here had a few weird and unique habits, they were a lot saner than those “normal” people who infiltrated the society. I could help them. I could make them truly sane. And here they were willing to assimilate my ideology on rationality. I made them understood the importance of bringing humanity back to what it was supposed to be like.
After two months of careful planning, a few inmates at my expert session were ready to cooperate with me for this plan. We would find the control room of this prison and raise every steel gate that had been trapping us. We would form an army. We would be the last burning star for humanity.
We would do it tonight, right on the moment of the sentry shift. Outside was a raging gale. Wind slashed across the window and made a piercing shriek. Raindrops slammed themselves against the window as if to break open an exit for us. During the evening talk of that expert, I stole his master key cards. We snuck out of the cell after lights-out. Then we found the control room. I took out a piece of torn bed sheet and used it to strangle the guard. The explosion of the two cans of coke I put in the cafeteria microwave tore the still air open. It would be enough distraction. My buddies should have hands on the control by now. All they needed to do was to press the buttons.
Then suddenly the world lit up. Sirens started blaring, orchestrating a perfect symphony with the raging rain and thunder. Every single light was turned on to outshine the lightening from the sky. The inmates flooded out from the cells and ran everywhere. Guards were immediately shooting anesthetic darts and tasering the rogue crowds. There must be thousands of inmates. This was the judgement day for insanity.
I ran on the planned route towards the rendezvous point, passing a television screen that flashed “Breaking News - The Biggest Planned Escape In The Styx Asylum”.

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