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Behind That Computer Screen

January 14, 2013
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When she logged on that night there was so much hope within,
That a message would wait that wouldn’t get under her skin.
Something nice, a compliment or two,
Not a note that would make her teary and blue.

Yet she opened her messages and had no such luck,
Those bullies were on again and she was but a sitting duck.
The lies and the judgements, things of malice and pain,
They were words that stabbed like knives, yet again and again.
She knew not what she had done, to deserve names such as these,
Everything she did, she did to please!
So with a heart shattered to pieces, she gives up the fight,
Hides under the covers and turns out the light.

And at that same moment, all the way across town,
The bullies are beaming at their online renown.
They are feared by all, as they proclaim,
Hidden behind an ominous username.
But do they really see the damage they do?
Behind that computer screen…please don’t let that bully be you.

The author's comments:
For all those who have been bullied or have bullied. There is always a chance to move on.

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