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Getting Even

January 27, 2013
By prettyinpiink GOLD, Houston, Texas
prettyinpiink GOLD, Houston, Texas
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" Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

Somewhere in the back of my mind i had to have known that this was only a cry for help. Her way of expressing that she was the victim just as well as i was. And that maybe her life wasn't as perfect as everyone had painted it out be. But the steadfast laughter and eyes harboring content put a strain on my thought process. It was no secret that i was fat. years of childhood abuse would not let me forget. The pimples that adorned every inch of my face and my tendency to sweat buckets when presented with a situation that caused me either fear or embarrassment didn't exactly help my social status either and since at the moment i was encountered with both emotions, my shirt was promptly slick and clinging to my skin in that revolting kind of way.But it was times like these when i walked down the hallway and her and her friends pretended as if i alone created a earthquake on the grounds in which i walked and frantically swayed as if they couldn't keep their balance that i felt that maybe I was the abomination they believed me to be.

"Omg its a 10 on the Richter scale!!" she yelled just loud enough for bystanders to hear and join in on the spectacle. By then everyone else in the hallways were laughing along, even those who thought against it but succumbed regardless lest they too became a target. Purely on instinct alone I ran and made a mad dash to the restroom, determined not to show them just how efficiently they were able to breach my barriers. It didn't escape my notice how they all swayed even more frantically as I did so.


I hated her. I'm not sure when I came to that realization but the truth of it all was simple really. I hated her. Everyone thought she was perfect with her long, glossy blond hair and hourglass figure. In short, she epitomized Everything that was angelic. But at least I could see through her facade even when nobody else could. I would make her pay for the sleepless nights lying awake wondering if my life was even worth something. For the constant hell she put me through and will no doubt put others through in the future. For the fear that she instilled in me at the mere thought of going to school. For everything. As I sat in class I contemplated the perfect revenge, all the while a voice in my head warning me that this was not a bound that I truly wished to transcend. And if I did, it made me no better then her, putting other people down just to bring yourself up. But that voice was smothered by distinct memories of hair pulling and name calling that I was growing far too tired of. By the time the bell rang for dismissal, I was still no step closer to knowing how I would exact my revenge.


I was quickly making a beeline for the parking lot before any one of my tormentors, or worse, their leader, found me and ridiculed my lack of breath as I lightly jogged away from the school, when I heard a loud commotion from besides me. I sneaked a peak and was surprised to see miss perfect and what could only pass as her mother from her sheer beauty engaged in an heated argument.

"My life would be perfect if I didn't have to come home to a daughter such as you! You're such a disappoint, I knew I should have gotten an abortion when I had the chance. Now I'm forced to wake up everyday to a living reminder of the stupid things I did when I was younger!" her hatred was so visible it was almost palpable.
Something struck in me then. While I may lack in the physical appearance, I still came home to a mom and a family who loved me unconditionally. People who realized the beauty in me even if it didn't show on the outside. And they were always there. To lift me up; to pick up the pieces of me that had been ruthlessly shattered by those who didn't receive the love that I got on a daily basis. I didn't hate her. No, i felt sorry for her. Because whats a life of opulence opposed to one that may lack in materialistic things but is contrived of a love that knows no bounds? A love that has acted as my foundation all of this years, something I just came to realize as priceless because some people weren't as lucky as me.She may have been blessed with looks that anyone would be stupid not to envy, but I was the lucky one to be blessed with a loving family that not everybody had.And at that moment, I knew exactly how I would get her back. The perfect revenge didn't consist of violent notions or degrading words and comments. The perfect revenge wasn't even forgetting. The perfect revenge, was forgiveness.

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on Jan. 28 2013 at 7:45 pm
Wow, is this a true story?? I'm glad you extracted a positive thing from that experience. Good writing (I love your vocabulary). Keep writing!!