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March 25, 2015
By AHSJr SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
AHSJr SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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More than 160,000 kids stay at home each day to avoid getting picked on, taunted, or beaten up. That’s why my high school does everything in their power to make sure that bullying doesn’t happen. From NoH8 week which is was a full week dedicated to stop bullying, to Pick Me Ups which is a twitter account that gives compliments to students, they do their best to make sure that bullying does not take place in our school.

When someone is getting bullied, it could take the smallest hurtful name or act of cruelness to push him or her overboard. A hurtful name,  But, it could also be a small act of kindness that could help them get through the day.

When I arrived at school for the first day of NoH8 week back in first semester, I was surprised, yet happy that every single locker in the school had a post it note with a positive message saying something like, “You are awesome!” or “Have a great day!”. It made me believe it would positively help kids in school who could really need it, and all the work that the club who put all the post it notes up seemed worth it.

I can’t give you a personal story about bullying on how it has directly affected me or someone close to me. But, I don’t think that’s a bad thing because if anything it just shows that our school hasn’t had very many problems with bullying. And I believe that’s because of our school’s policy and how we handle bullying.

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