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The Principles of Humanity Perceived through Volunteering

June 10, 2020
By MaggieC123 BRONZE, Brentwood, Tennessee
MaggieC123 BRONZE, Brentwood, Tennessee
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My passion for volunteering began with my aspiration to do a positive deed for the community, but throughout the years, I have realized a more profound purpose. Through volunteering, our community comes together as a unity, focusing on compassion, gratitude, and love. These aspects, which are significant in the development of a brighter future of equality and success, can become abstruse through the rush of our daily lives. The conceptions, adversities, constraints, and self discontent are inevitable consequences of modern society. These components are difficult to overcome, but if one can apprehend what is actually important and empirical, then the ignorance you have buried inside of you will be drained. Reluctantly, some become subjugated by irrelevant views. One compelled to cynical desires, will gradually become infiltrated by rapacity and ignorance, but for what? For a life of complacent or arrogance. As a human who is apart of history, it is vital for my and the people's contribution to fight for justice and improve humanity and our environment for human emotions and our consequences are what is real. How do we do that? You listen rather than impulse, concede rather than dismiss, empathize rather than oppress, educate rather than rebel, and connect rather than segregate. 

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With the world in a state of change and uncertainty, it is crucial to understand what is happening. What are you fighting for? What are the contributions you need to make? How does your position in society make a difference? How do you want to revolve in terms of ambitions and inclinations? As for myself, I want to encourage and inform others of my perception. For I believe that the love and unity of humanity are what will cease suffering and hatred. 

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