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Painting for the Less Fortunate

January 21, 2009
By Anonymous

For my community service project I helped paint the outside of a house and did some organizing within for people with disabilities. Sami, Chris, and I woke up one Saturday morning and we went up to this house on the east side. It is located right across the street from wheeler farm in Murray. When we arrived there were few people there. We had been put in the mind set that it was going to be a lot of work, and believe you and me it was. The paint hadn’t yet arrived when we did so we were asked to help do some things within the house.
I helped organize an activity for the kids. They were making baskets that would be donated to the hospital for women going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. It included the essentials; the lady that runs this house was diagnosed with breast cancer a year after she got a divorce. She went through chemo and found out these were good things to have around. The kids were going to make these baskets to help give back to the community and get involved.
We also were honored with a tour and explanation of exactly what we were contributing to. This house was established by the lady that was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has a 22 year old daughter who is mentally disabled. She has the mental capacity of a first grader and it will never develop further than that. Children with these similar mental disabilities are allowed in public schooling until they are 20 years old despite the no child left behind act. This is ruled under government policy. Families trying to support these children are not given any financial aid unless the government considers them under “difficult circumstances”.
The lady running this house got divorced and underwent chemotherapy within 2 years of each other finally qualifying her for the governmental financial aid. She decided to use this money to open this house. It provides a safe-haven for people with disabilities. They come from 9-5 like a regular job and provided with activities and it helps train them to work in the real world. They run a green-house out of the back. The children tend to the plants teaching them responsibility. After they are grown the leaders take them to the farmers market and sell them. The profits pay for the electricity and water bills. This is a non-profit organization. They also sell etched rocks. The children pick the design and the layout then the adults sand blast the rocks. They are kept busy with many activities through out the day. Like the baskets for example.
The building also consists of a few computers that have been donated. They are currently on the search for more. These computers are uploaded with programs such as leapfrog to further the children’s education.
This was a very rewarding experience and I was moved that I was allowed to be involved in it. There are few people out in the world these days that are willing to donate their life to helping others without gaining any financial investment. No only has this lady taken her time and effort but she has put tons of money into this organization.

Unfortunately we only got the chance prime the house. It was cold outside and it would take several days for the paint to completely dry. I offered my email and I would take a chance to come back and help at any chance I could.

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