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Wake Up Call

September 17, 2021
By Ihssane SILVER, Fes, Other
Ihssane SILVER, Fes, Other
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I couldn't heal because I kept pretending I wasn't hurt

         No matter how bad our moods were, no matter how ugly we felt, no matter how sad were, our mother EARTH was always there for us. She is the source of that chocolate in that ice cream you ate when you were at your lowest. She made that fresh air you are breathing right now. She was the only person who took care of you when those who should have done that called you dramatic, useless, or even incapable. So, why don't you take good care of your Mother? Why don't WE take good care of OUR MOTHER?
Don't worry this article is definitely not going to tell you to switch your regular car to an electric one, or to stop supporting the cheapest brands that couldn't care less about their plastic packaging system. Don't get me wrong! These things would be very nice. But, let's be real! We don't all have the same opportunities, or in other words, we don't have the same income. Right now we see fires burning beautiful green trees, amazingly different animals all because of pollution. All because of OUR actions! We see our planet slowly fade away without trying to stop this disaster. 
  Now, picture the same situation in YOUR life. Who is your source of pollution? Who is the source of your fresh air? Who's your disaster? And, which one are you?
Are the people in your life Making a better environment for you? If your answer is yes! Then congratulations, you are officially free from toxic people. However, if you're answer is no, it is time to change your environment, to remove trash people from your life. And I think this is a crucial step for growth, considering all the benefits you get even if your environment becomes empty. As being alone doesn't mean being lonely, and it is much better to be hated for what you are than being loved for what you are not. If you don't fit your environment, then make your own. I know it is not as easy as it sounds, but nothing worth it is ever easy. 
The people in your life aren't supposed to burn your skills by making fun of them. They are not supposed to use their fire to melt all your dreams and goals.
      Nature is the greatest teacher of all,  learn from its amazing experience, and make remarkable changes in your life starting from now! 

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