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But a scratch on canvas

December 18, 2009
By collinc2011 SILVER, Lorena, Texas
collinc2011 SILVER, Lorena, Texas
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The night is darkest just before dawn

Genises 1-3 tells the story of a Supreme Being creating a world that is one with Him. Perfection and flawlessness resound throughout this new creation. This world was a natural one. The word given to this present state was “nature”. The story continues with God adding intelligence to this “nature”. Humans emerge and are given total control over all the Earth. For a time, man lives in total harmony with God and nature. Everything exists in a state of equilibrium; but can this last? The story goes on to tell of the fall of man. Banishment from this perfection was the human’s sentence. Because imperfection was now present, God was no longer hand in hand with the residents of this Earth.

Let us fast forward now to the present day. Cities dominate the landscape. Over 80% of the worlds population live in urban areas. This shows that since man was sent out of the garden of eden, we have relied less and less on God and Nature, and more and more on our own intelligence. Man has been endowed with reason, with the power to create, so that he can add to what he’s been given. But up to now he hasn’t been a creator, only a destroyer. Forests keep disappearing, rivers dry up, wild life’s become extinct, the climate’s ruined and the land grows poorer and uglier every day. Pollution is said to destroy more of the ecosystem every year. Our own ignorance of the natural world may lead to the destruction of us all. Nature, while it remains, plays a vital role in establishing life as we know it. To me, it serves a completely different purpose.

In my belief, this Earth was created to be one with God. Man and his Creator were to walk hand in hand in this beautiful and natural place together. Because man fell from their status, attaining this kind of relationship has been made so much more difficult. Man is separated from God; therefore, manmade environments act as a distraction of barrier from Him. Nature is my filter. As I walk in God’s creation, constand reminders of His presence are all around. The tall sycamore seems to be the ladder to Heaven. The rivers’ flowing water is my getaway from the life I live. The never-ending plain shows the magnitude of my Father. The deadly fire, that even I can start again. And finally, the soft wind seems to carry words of instruction and assurance. Nature gives me the ability to block out my humanity and focus on something much bigger than myself.

The definition for “inspirational” is listed as “imparting a divine influence on the mind and soul.” For me, nature does just this. I am able to comprehend more of the bigger picture of life. Things that in normal situations would seem unimportant and meaningless. I am able to see as significant. When I am caught wrapped up in life and the problems of it; nature acts as a reminder that these things are insignificant. Selfish things seem to drift away and I can see my life from a bird’s eye view; able to take what I’ve learned in the past and apply it to the decisions I make and how they affect my future.

In a painting of the world, nature is supreme—everything. Man is but a small scratch on the canvas. But that one scratch has the potential to destroy everything we hold dear. It is up to us as humans to protect the natural Earth. This beautiful world has the strength to create, inspire, and serve as a reminder. Live by the wind, the fire, and storm. Believe in the power of this Earth. Mankind in itself is insignificant. The disappearance of man would not affect the world at all. As Sara Teasdale reminds, “Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree, neither bird nor tree, If mankind perished utterly; And spring herself when she awoke at dawn, would scarcely know that we were gone.”

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