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Global Warming Solution

December 11, 2007
By Anonymous

Global Warming is affecting the whole world and we need a solution before it gets way out of hand. The countries Brazil, Colombia, China, Mexico, Japan, Netherlands, Dominican Republic, United States, Jamaica, Cuba, Switzerland, Chile, Russia, Australia, France, Canada, India, South Africa, Finland, Sweden, Egypt, Ecuador, Greenland and Germany met to discuss how their country was affecting the world.
The Solution is that we as a nation need to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency; we can take essential steps toward reducing our dependence on oil and other fossil fuels that cause global warming.
In Brazil we need to control deforestation by making laws to stop farmers from messing with the forests. In Colombia their government needs to make regulations by enforcing laws dealing with the rainforest. In China, Mexico, and Japan need to use renewable energy and help control biodegradable containers for their food. The United States needs to get with the program and realize that global warming is affecting us and we need to get in check. In Jamaica they have factories creating programs to improve climate control, in Cuba they need to adjust to controlled tourism and redesign their technology.
Every country needs to get together to reduce CO2 emissions by coming together and enforcing the Kyoto Protocol, by putting global warming as their main focus and allowing things that are of importance to be put in motion.
Global warming is affecting the world, our natural environment and our species, they are dying because of simply their environment is becoming too hot. We can’t control the natural occurrences but we can help by enforcing that global warming is a serious threat and we need to target it and develop an alternative by using our natural resources instead of fossil fuels that are destroying the world.

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