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Problems Of Today: The World Wide Water Crisis

February 27, 2011
By Cerberus SILVER, Middletown, Ohio
Cerberus SILVER, Middletown, Ohio
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Did you know that over one billion people world wide suffer from disease
because they do not have access to clean water that they can drink and bath
themselves in? This is due to three big reasons being pollution of lakes and
rivers, sewage, and storm water.
The pollution of lakes and rivers is a highly worry-some problem in our
world today because lakes and rivers provide us with water, which is a vital
resource to survival because without water nothing can sustain life. Yet sadly
we can not help some pollution of our water because animals such as fish that
may be contaminated by things such as Mercury, which is a silver-white,
poisonous, heavy, metallic element that is liquid at ordinary temperatures.
Luckily people caught on to this. Between the years 1990 and 1999 mercury
emissions from human activity such as driving cars or factories dropped 45
percent. Yet, there is still the matter of sewage being dumped into water or
trash some how finding its way into our oceans and rivers.
Sewer water and sewage have also become a big problem in our world today
because of the contamination of water, which spreads illnesses. One of these
sewage spills just happened in April of 2010 at the Mexican gulf. The big oil
company known as BP had their Deep water Horizon oil well explode. This caused a
catastrophic line of events. It polluted the water, killed animals, and covered
a lot of animals in oil. It took a big, huge chunk of our resources and probably
made even more people sick. This is probably the most recent and huge sewage
spills of that proportion.
With improvements consistently trying to be made to prevent this kind of
catastrophic events from taking place, or at least making cleaning up the mess
more efficient, we can make sure in time that the over one billion people world
wide who do not have access to clean drinking and bathing water, will have
access to the clean water to do such. More importantly not only will this help
them be clean but it will also help make them healthier since we washed all the
bacteria (as possible) out of the vital water needed.

The author's comments:
i got the idea for this essay after writing a short paragraph on world problems and decided to look up water problems. I was very surprised to see just how many there were.

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