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Is California that wonderful?

March 20, 2011
By Brittbyheart SILVER, Yucca Valley, California
Brittbyheart SILVER, Yucca Valley, California
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I do not see what is so great about it. I can understand people who live in Wisconsin or Alabama or even Colorado may think it is so incredibly awesome, because for one, the never really been here. They see television shows and books and movies about it, but really, it is just one huge stereotype. It is not made out of gold, even though the people here may seem like they are. It is not all hugs and kisses and certainly not the richest place ever. People here. . . I just do not understand why they stay here. I was born and raised in California. That is right, the state that everyone one adores. If you have ever been here, you would know it is everything but what people think it is. Sure, we have movie stars and beaches here, but that’s about it.
California has almost a quarter of the country’s Illegal Immigrants ( That means, we are losing 25% of our tax dollars and we are not getting another 25% of the tax money to go to helping this state. People in California do not have the money to go out and buy a new car or games without months or years of hard earned money saved. Some people may have to wait weeks before they have the money to buy a winter jacket. With immigrants coming by the handfuls and expecting California to pay for everything they do, we are losing money fast! Americans 18 years of age and older with jobs, well paid or not, pay taxes. The taxes go to the government which then gives it back, in some ways, as welfare. Welfare is given to people who do not (cannot) get jobs. Most illegal immigrants do not have a job for simple reasons like; they do not want to be an American and work, they may be too lazy to find jobs, and most commonly, they do not have the education to get jobs (both Americans and illegal immigrants). You cannot get California education without being an American. And it is much easier just to sit at home eating frozen T.V dinners and getting paid by welfare then it is to get up and work, right? So, people who do have jobs are technically are paying for people who are too lazy. Seam fare? Not at all.
There are about 4 million people in Las Angeles alone. With the city only 498.3 square miles long, that comes out to 2,344 people per square mile! With all the people and minimum jobs, there is bound to be trouble somewhere. In a house hold of five, only two people may have jobs, and that is not (most likely) talking about high paying jobs either. With a low income and many people to take care of, you will not have every weekend off to go to the beach. Someone may drive over 10 miles just for a four-hour sift every day. Either driving in a personal car or a public bus, it is going to be a high cost in the long run. Now, you are not talking about sunny beaches anymore, you are looking at pollution and smog with every turn of the head. The 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing China, you could see the pollution in the air. People left and right were wearing masks outside. With the U.S.A technology going up, the ways to reduce pollution is sky rocketing. Unfortunately, the income to produce the works and study is not.
Yes, of course Las Angeles is not the only city in California, but it is the biggest. In fact, second biggest in the continental U.S. after New York City. California is growing in population hourly! Over 37,253,956 people lived in California in 2010 ( These people do not all sit at home, and read book without electricity or ride bikes with friends during the day. That means they, use iPods, computers, game consoles, and electricity. Electricity that uses our natural gasses and help kill the earth of natural powers to keep the human race and every other living organism living.
So what on earth is so great about California? The lack of space to breathe? Immigrants taking our money for their own needs, and not getting a job themselves? Pollution killing us with ever breath we take? Beaches are getting all the effects of our cruelty to the earth too, so say goodbye to summer days. To me, born and raised in California, I see nothing great with this state at all. Sure, there are a lot of famous people and Disney Land too, but really, is it worth the hassle of trying to live and breathe, just to get to go the beach once a year?

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece because I know what it feels like to live in a high density area with people always crowding you. And I want to move somewhere where I can live freely without a person looking opver your sholder. I wish readers would get out of this that California is not what it seams it is, and most people wont tell you that.

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