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By Anonymous

   "Wake up. Alicia is waiting for you outside," my mother said. My mother didn't like me going for the weekend to my friend's house in the mountains. She was worried: "I trust you, but I don't trust the people out there," she said with a serious tone. "I'm going to be fine," were my last words before closing the door of the Jeep. The vehicle went along the dusty road and my mother grew smaller in the distance.

The trip over the bumpy road was uncomfortable. It was scary to climb the steep hills surrounded by great pines. The smell of pine resin substituted for the cars' exhaust and street pollution typical of the city. After a long trip we finally arrived at the house. From the moment I got there I knew I would forever love the house. It was decorated like an old country home with the smell of mahogany spread throughout. My room was small, yet set up nicely. Next to my bed there was a large window with a beautiful view of the yard, which had many bright-colored flowers. The smell of their delicate perfume permeated my room. That night I went to sleep early, not because I didn't want to continue my search, but because I was tired after the long trip.

In the morning, the crowing of the roosters woke me. The light was just penetrating the window. A strong smell of baking and fresh coffee came from the kitchen. I wandered around looking for a living soul, but the house was empty. I had the entire day to myself; my friend had gone hiking. I didn't want to go with her. The main reason for this trip was to spend some time alone to think about the events happening in my life. This was the perfect place to meditate. Outside the window and behind the yard, there was an enormous field I had not noticed the night before. In the pasture, two women were milking cows. It was beautiful to see the black and white cows standing on the green grass. I felt like them, oblivious to the world and the people around. The sun was shining brighter than ever. It was a cool and windy morning, but it would be a shame not to walk around the field and listen to the pines shaking against the wind. After an icy shower, my energies were at their fullest. With basket in hand, a warm wool sweater and my adrenaline pumping, I started my hunt. The field was surrounded by a garden of vegetables and fruit. I did not mind walking alone; it was a wonderful feeling to be in contact with nature for the first time. I

n the afternoon I went to a river close to the mountain house. The sound of the water running through the rocks gave me great peace. I never felt such independence in my soul before. I was alone, but it was a solitude that I enjoyed. It was like I was the only living person in the world with the freedom to go anywhere and do everything I wanted. The golden reflection of the sunset in the river was beautiful. Dozens of multicolored fish danced in the refreshing water. I felt like them, just following the flow of the stream. I keep the memories of that day at the house in the mountains in my mind as a treasure. Even though I haven't gone there again, every time I want to be alone, I just close my eyes and go to the house in the mountains. ^

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