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As a Mountain

May 25, 2012
By BekahBekah BRONZE, Xian, Other
BekahBekah BRONZE, Xian, Other
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As a mountain... I have seen many things.

I have seen countless sunrises and incalculable sunsets. I have seen many scientists and researchers fall to their deaths trying to climb me. I have seen millions of little budding plants grow into towering, robust great oaks. I have seen little riverside civilizations blossom into villages, then towns. I have seen little towns prosper into bustling, metropolitan cities.

As a mountain... I have heard many things.

I have heard the ice on the river crack with a deafening CRA-ACK to indicate the coming of spring innumerable times. I have heard the mating calls of the yellow-bellied geese every year for thousands of years. I have heard the wind rustle gently through the grasses and wildflowers, rustling the tips of their leaves pleasantly. I have heard the sound of running bulldozers for days and nights on end, digging up soil from my body. I have heard the buzzing of little mosquitoes and moths every night, zipping around in the nighttime air.

As a mountain... I have smelled many things.

I have smelled the delicate fragrances of Mother Nature’s most sweet-smelling flowers. I have smelled the smell of chemicals and other pollution from humans’ wastes. I have smelled the sharp smell of fresh grass right after a rainy day. I have smelled foul-smelling smoke from raging forest fires.

As a mountain... I have felt many things.

I have felt the agonizing pain of a mother whenever one of my trees fell dead with a thud, chopped down by ruthless, barbaric humans. I have felt the heavy responsibility and pressure of a father whenever a flood or tornado swept over me, threatening to wipe out every last organism living on me. I have felt the sheer happiness and joy of a child whenever I saw one of my wildflowers burst into bloom, spreading its beautiful petals towards the warmth of the sun for its very first time. I have felt the peace and tranquility of a lone hermit whenever I heard the soft echo of birds twittering quietly on their branches bounce off my walls.

Therefore, I consider myself wiser than the most intellectual human being on the face of this planet. What human being has lived as long as I have lived? Seen all I have seen? Heard all I have heard? Smelled all I have smelled? Felt all I have felt? Experienced all I have experienced?

Not even the oldest human there ever was has lived through half of my lifetime.

No human being has lived as long as I have, seen what I have seen, heard all I have heard, smelled what I have smelled, felt what I have felt, and experienced what I have experienced.

No one.

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