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forests and their short lives

October 21, 2008
By Anonymous

W. B. Yeats once said, “If what I say resonates with you, it is merely because we are both branches on the same tree.” I agree with W.B. Yeats because if you read this and you feel the same way that mean we have the same ideas and opinons. The main way in which I would focus on saving Idaho forests is through reforestation efforts.

One of my ideas is cut one and then plant three that way you get triple trees for one tree. Then you also get more trees in the future for generations and generations to come. I love this idea because I definitely don’t want my future grandkids never to see a tree and live on artifitial air.
The next reason I came up with is paperless classrooms because my English classroom is paper less and it’s a great difference considering I’m a tree hugger. I’m glad to be in this class. We’ve only used 6 ½ pieces that’s almost 100 times less than my last years class. We almost used 600 pieces of paper last year but luckily we had a recycle bin and it was always full. Another place that uses a lot of paper is doctor’s offices they throw away the little paper off of the benches that you sit on and they don’t even have a recycle bin in the offices. I was just in a doctor’s office and I looked in the trash can and it was full of nothing but paper and piece of gum.

The last reason is limit development so you can have more trees for the future and what would be really awesome is limit development and cut one plant three. If you had put that idea together for example you cut down 350 trees over 10 years that’s 10500 trees. I can’t even count that high.
Even with all the commotion and arguments over what to do about the cutting down trees and the preservation of them. These are my ideas and opinions on trees, the life of them and the new ones.

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