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The Fire

October 21, 2019
By a.oehler SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
a.oehler SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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The Fire

My day started with my dad picking my friends up to bring them back to my house for my fourteenth birthday party I was happier than a two-year-old with a sucker. Then, my dad asked, “Do you guys want to go to Meijers to buy decorations and pick Autumn’s birthday cake up?” While in the decoration aisle, my friends and I annoyed my dad in any possible way, playing with every possible item in our view, blowing into the party horns that made a rolled up tacky tangled tan ribbon shoot straight out and a loud annoying sound that only dogs could hear, grabbing bags of confetti until we’re cut off. “Alright, girls, come on,” said my dad. As he walked out of the aisle, leaving us alone in the aisle. 

We quickly threw everything back onto the shelves. I excitedly followed behind him on our way to pick up my cake. As we arrive to the bakery part of the store, my dad let us pick out a container of treats. We all anxiously agreed on the small miniature rainbow-colored cupcakes as my dad talked to the lady at the deli who was grabbing my cake. After my dad received my cake, we went to the checkout line to pay for our items. 

When we were leaving, my dad allowed me to carry the cake.“She is going to drop it. Don't let her carry it,” my friend said.

I responded, “Shut up. I’m not going to drop it,” as I tripped. 

We all jumped back into the truck and drove back to my house. I helped my dad carry in everything. 

After we were all finished eating dinner, then we started taking the balloons and decorations out. We played with the blue and pink balloons, hitting them back and forth and blowing into the tan party horns that made a loud obnoxious noise. We played with the dogs, and I opened my gifts up that everyone had bought me. I had received a phone case and a more, but my favorite gift was a one hundred dollar bill my dad gave me. Then my dad coming in asked me, “Do you wanna start lighting the cake?” He took the cake out and set it right down in front of me. I looked down at the cake that was covered with a picture of two friends and me. “Hold on,” stated my dad anxiously, and ran into the other room like a child running from the boogie man.

 When he entered the room, he was holding a small red cardboard box. He quickly opened the box and pulled out a bulky candle that took up the entire room. He told me that it plays music. He centered it right in the middle of my white cake and stuck it in. He then handed me the lighter. He told me to hold on one more time while he grabbed his camera. Meanwhile, my friends tightly wrapped ribbon around my neck--around my neck! I grabbed one end and looked at my friends with a delinquent look on my face. Flick! I took the lighter and held it close to the ribbon

. “Bet you won’t do it,” stated my friend. I looked at her with a smirk on my face. “Bet I will,” I responded as I caught the end of the ribbon on fire. A flame started to grow bigger and bigger. I tried to blow it out, and it only managed to make the flame grow more. 

My dad ran into the kitchen yelling. “What are you thinking?” His face was red like satan’s. He ripped the ribbons off of me and stomped out the flame . I looked up at my dad. “They dared me,” I stated. My dad grabbed the lighter out of my hand looked at me. “Why?” he said with laughter. After this experience, I have learned not to give into peer pressure.

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