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The Devil Came By....

December 12, 2008
By Anonymous

As the day got better every second, then comes the she of the devil…. Not so good for me now… because my day got totally wrecked….

Everything was going fine before she arrived in fact it was awesome. Me and my mom were just jamming. You know, hang out and stuff, because it had been a long time since we went shopping, most of it was…. Or should I say “window shopping” so that didn’t quite count well. We went to 3 different and distinct stores not to mention distant ones. We were looking for a bag appropriate for work and my mom’s other social events which were a lot right now because of the Christmas season coming. One of the stores even had a sales woman that I befriended she acted like my age even though she could pass 30 (no offense) so I felt easy on her. A last my mom finally chose a cute brown guess bag that was totally awesome at my point because it fitted her own description and it suited her in an adult way not childish talk…..Anyways after all of that we went to a big store or a supermarket if you prefer... But for me it was just another store…..

As we entered the very guarded entrance which was very intriguing to talk about and to think about….anyways… as the escalator moved upward up to the second floor then there she was... Wearing a black blouse and august jeans, a normal and simple look…but aside from that she looked prettier than ever. I always viewed her as my mortal enemy but I bet she doesn’t know that seeing that when I’m near her, a cute innocent girl is always presented in front while turning back is another side of a girl filled with endless jealousy and not-so-nice thoughts. Trouble that could be smelled a kilometer away by my fast acting nose always results in an angelic face full of plead and mercy…the elders wouldn’t have anything to do but blame on me seeing that they wouldn’t have second thoughts why a cute angel could be doing something nasty. Yep, I was the victim; I always was. I can’t believe how good she was at acting that everybody fell into her trap. I must admit though I fell into her nasty schemes once or twice because I too couldn’t believe how indescribably evil she was and so I gave her another chance which was one of the biggest mistakes in my life cause it lead me into a humongous trouble that if I kept thinking on it…it gives me the shivers…. You don’t know how bad it was. I don’t like to talk about it even once. After that it convinced me to stop being so understanding with un-trusted people. When I realized the puzzled mystery it was her all along the girl I thought she was. But she was nothing more than a spoiled brat. I bet she hasn’t felt a single punishment in her life seeing how she could plead everyone with her fake forgiveness kind of thing. It was pathetic….pathetic but effective I could give her that. Smartass for someone who could have everything…. I bet she even tricked the councilor to get into her so-called “fabulous-Richie-rich” school.

So where was I? Oh I was just in the room observing every grin she gave me and every snob I could take from the guests who still didn’t forgave me about my so-called “sin”.

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