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Home Alone

February 4, 2016
By MyaGrimes BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
MyaGrimes BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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In “Home Alone” by Ronnie M., he tells his story of the time his home was invaded while home alone with his sister.  Ronnie and his sister, Rachel, weren’t very close and stayed out of each others way.  They were both in their rooms when they heard a loud noise from their kitchen, and his sister yelled asking what Ronnie had done.  He told her it was probably their other brother coming home, so he called him, but he hadn’t left his swim meet yet.  After they got off the phone another loud boom erupted and Rachel called the police.  Ronnie grabbed his taser, knife, and a lighter.  When the police showed up, they noticed the window was broken and the intruder knocked all the kitchen cabinets down, and they interviewed Rachel and Ronnie.  When everything was done, Ronnie and Rachel were thankful they got to be home alone because they were able to become closer.

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