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Feedback on "Sharpie Tattoos"

September 18, 2016
By jjilliann BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
jjilliann BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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“Sharpie Tattoos” by Autumn H. is a deep and meaningful poem about friendship and how easily it can be lost. It turns the interesting idea of sharpie tattoos into a beautiful piece of writing, that I feel many can relate to. Autumn explains how one night everyone can seem content, making oaths and saying they’ll be with each other forever. However, when that night is over and everyone goes home, there’s always someone that simply removes the sharpie tattoo as if it meant nothing. The sharpie tattoo is simply a metaphor for the friendship between the people being referenced. Autumn describes how although someone may wash away a friendship, the speaker (unknown) will always take them back. The entire poem is written beautifully and really reaches out to the reader, leaving them astonished.

When I first read this poem, it really made me think about how fast things can change. Sometimes, you come across liars, and sometimes you don’t exactly have what you thought you had. The author states “I will take you back if you need”, which really caught my attention. The writer is saying that no matter how many times that sharpie tattoo was washed and forgotten about, they will still keep their friendship promise. I relate this to myself because I feel that even if one of my friends simply throws away all the promises they made, I still won’t completely abandon them. I want to be the one to keep the promise, and I want to be the one who keeps the sharpie tattoo even after everyone else washed it away. Autumn H. created a lovely piece that reached out to me, and I’m sure it reached out to many others too. All in all, I can’t give a single negative response to this poem.

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