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the human race

January 19, 2010
By Dynasty GOLD, Rio Grande, Ohio
Dynasty GOLD, Rio Grande, Ohio
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Last week I was watching the history channel and there was a documentary on about the neo nazis and the Aryan nation. These are the new aged Nazis that i do not think too many people know about. These are American Nazis who want a world with no jews or blacks and will do just about anything to have that world. They've brought fear and death to many people that do not deserve thier bigotry. They have written literature about how to bring that world and use their personal rights to further their cause. I do not understand these type of people. They hate people for no justifiable reason. We as a nation do not have time for this. We should not be randomly killing each other for stupid reasons. We should be joining together in a time of real crisis. We have much bigger issues to deal with, such as global warming and the war. We do not need to be backtracking in time. Even though alot has changed in America alot of things have remained the same. People need to grow up and be leaders in the fight for peace. Living a fantasy is a waste of time and more important life. People should not waste their lives working for a cause that premotes killing fellow humans. We are one race, the human race and we need to stand together and save our planet and our kind.

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this is not just about the neo nazis its about gangs as well

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