Hiding | Teen Ink


May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Where do I fit in
at a school with so many cliques
I try to run through the day
but my feet feel like bricks

Not a spot in a group,
just a handful of friends
it’s hard to find a spot
when people look through a tainted lens

Where do I sit
when there aren’t any seats saved
do I put a smile on my face
and pretend that a friend waved

Who do I walk with
when everyone’s already walking
who do I talk to
when everyone’s already talking

Where do I look
when there’s an odd look looking back
when the only smiles I get
are at the jokes that I crack

Hiding behind laughter
people will never see
all the different parts
that I secretly call me

Because if you open a window
and people see inside
they all seem to judge you
it’s the very reason we hide

But I’m not the only one
who puts up a fake smile
not the only one
who’s hiding all the while

Everyone hides behind something
never showing what’s in their hand
only let a few people see
where they really stand

Wouldn’t it be nice
if everyone wasn’t withdrawn
wouldn’t it be nice
if all the masks were gone

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Kwstar said...
on Nov. 9 2008 at 6:27 pm
I love it! This poem is so true What would life be like if everyone wasn't afraid to be themselves?