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Popularity VS Ability

August 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Everyone wants to be popular - popular people get to go to amazing parties and get all the fun - or so you might think.
Sometimes it isn't great to be unpopular - you can get bullied for looking different or simply for not wearing the latest "Bench" or "Lonsdale" clothes. When people bully you like this they are being prejudiced against your wearing these clothes.
I have been bullied like this - but for not being part of the In Crowd:
When I was 6 I was known as "Human Calculator" by my teacher - I worked out book prices faster than the calculator, could do a 6x6 times table square in 36 seconds by year 4 and am on the school's gifted register. I have never fitted in , as since I started school I stopped caring about clothes and looking cool and was more interested in books - I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when everyone else was on Stage 5 books. By Year 5 I knew that the popular kids hated me - for my shyness and emotional immaturaty I guess.
The "leader of the pack" hated me with a vengance and by the end of the Year had the whole class chanting my name maliciously. My Mam came in school a lot - but nothing ended it, in the end one of my only 4 friends (most people had 20 loose friends then) Harry pushed the girl over and ended it.
This was prejudced behaviour (the bullying) as they bullied me for being different - just as Elizabeth was ignored for being poor in Pride and Prejudice.
Now I am not bullied but still am unpopular etc, although I don't care as I have friends who like me for who I am.
If you are experiencing prejudced behaviour remember -it's not your fault and don't resort to violence - it could turn bad.

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This will certify that the above work is completely original - Emma

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