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January 3, 2009
By Anonymous

There is a certain distinction of the fairer sex, one that sifts through all pageantry and drama. It bridges the gap between facade and reality, transcends the pretend and the supposition, throws out the artificial, and replaces it with authenticity, true and unadulterated. Perhaps this is the simple view of an unworthy guy who sees things which do not exist, but for me the difference between a girl that is “hot” and a woman that is “beautiful” is clear. These are two characteristics commonplace in description, each with its own connotation. In that knowledge, ask yourself, which would you rather be, “hot” or “beautiful”?
Beauty is an intangible quality, an element of all humanity. It’s not variable, not exclusive, and unobtainable; being called beautiful makes a person feel infinite. Beauty describes an inner quality that a person holds for a lifetime, one that doesn’t fade with time or is based on the aesthetic. With beauty comes feelings and emotions, not physical, but from the heart and mind.
Being called beautiful is much more satisfying than being called “hot”, which describes a temporary quality that a person can gain or lose. “Hot” girls bring excitement, not substance. Calling a girl “hot” commends her looks, not her person, not who she really is. True, they may feel gratified that they are attractive, but then gratitude for something temporary is hardly a substitute for fulfillment of something eternal.

So here are the differences, make of them what you will. Beautiful is something you feel, but hot is something you see in the mirror. Beautiful girls are treasures to be searched for, a long journey to an immeasurable goal. Hot girls are booths at the fair: win the game and win the prize. Beautiful girls make you think of the cosmos, wonder about the future, think about philosophy and reason, and how it is all vain. Hot girls make you think about the car you will use to take them on a date, what you are going to eat for dinner. Beautiful girls make you think about them. Hot girls make you think about you. Hot girls make you turn your head and look, but beautiful girls make you gaze and adore, leave you dumbstruck and short of breath, and occupy your mind for the rest of the day. Beautiful girls inspire songs and dances, poems and books. Hot girls inspire pick up lines and cheesy t-shirts.
When you talk to a beautiful girl the clock stops and your ears open, but when you talk to a hot girl, what she says is secondary to how she looks. When you see a hot girl you think about what they look like, and what they can do for you, however, when you see a beautiful girl you wonder what you like, and think about what you can do for them. Hot girls are interesting, but beautiful girls are captivating. Hot girls are ditzy and sporadic, but beautiful girls are graceful. Hot girls are in magazines, beautiful girls are in weddings.
All girls are beautiful; they just don’t always show it. It is a shame to see girls waste their time trying to be “hot” while their real beauty is buried under a self imposed façade. But the beauty is there nonetheless. It is this beauty that makes guys incapable of comprehending women; it is beauty that makes us contemplate how stupid and unworthy we really are. Perhaps someday we will be able to understand what this beauty really is, but for now, we can only speculate.

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