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Don't Judge

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Simon Cowell once said,” Not everybody is perfect, and I don't think we should be looking for perfect people.” If people make fun of you because of your looks, just remind yourself, you looks are not who you are, it’s not your personality either, it’s how you act with and around people.

My story is about a girl that gets made fun of because of how she looks. Her name is Dylan Colerick. She also gets made fun of because of her name but that doesn’t bother her much because her best friend, Jordan Cawakins, also gets made fun of. What bothers her is that she’s African American so she’s black. People call her, “Burnt Brownie”, and, “Dark Chocolate”, and other mean names.

Dylan is tired and fed up of people calling her names and picking on her. People judge other people because either of the fun of it or they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. If you make fun of people for the fun of it then let me tell you something. The first time you make fun of a person for being a different race, color or gender, you will find yourself in a very bad situation because you will have found the devil and you will be acting like him/her.

Please don’t call people bad names because it hurts their feelings and make them sad. It makes everyone sad because once you make fun of someone else, you’ll find out that’s it’s not that hard to make someone sad. Once you start making one person sad, it doesn’t take long till your making more and more people sad.

Make you life a success by not making fun of innocent people. Try and be everyone’s friend, if they don’t want to be your friend then just say okay because no one should be forced to be friends with someone they don’t want to be.
I encourage many people, no matter how old you are, to not make fun of anybody at all. And see where that gets ya!

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