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The One

September 25, 2007
By Anonymous


There’s always a friend or two who we can talk to about anything. They understand us, comfort us, and lead us. But even they can hold slight grudges against us; whether it be serious or jokingly. My best Friend, He’s different.

He knows every secret I keep locked in the basement, there is no hiding. For others, it may be hard to read me, but He keeps turning the pages. I come to Him with all my problems; some severe and some silly. With each trial, He willingly takes my burdens and carries them Himself. He holds my hand, catches my tears, letting me rest in peace.

I am filled-to-the-brim with happiness, yet He finds a way to make my cup overflow. He puts the smile on my face and the sweet harmony in my voice. The sparkle in my eyes is the reflection of His light shining through me.

When I get caught up in the world, it’s not uncommon for me to blame Him for my actions. It’s not that He’s a negative influence, it’s simply me not having the integrity to hold myself accountable. I’ll admit, a time or two I have degraded His reputation, and immensely disappointed Him. In spite of that fact, He forgives me no matter how horrible my actions are. My chalk-covered slate, is completely erased clean.

His name’s Jesus. He’s my perfect Friend, and He can be your perfect Friend, too.

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