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What even matters?

December 2, 2007
By Anonymous

What even matters?

What is the point? I thought to myself yet again as I walked down the dreary road. My sister had forgotten to pick me up(no big surprise there though). But today was different because today I was forced to walk in the hail. If you have never been in a Pennsylvanian hail storm, then you haven't been got in a hailstorm.

I proabaly should have been running for dear life, but after the crappy day I had just had I saw no point in that at all.

If I had normal parents they might have noticed a change in me since I had started middle school, but seeing as how my parents are far from normal and they have never taken notice of me, the fact that they hadn't realized that my life was going downhill fast, didn't surprise me. But unforunately my guidance counselor had.

She decided that I needed to talk to her everyday. That was 8 monthes ago. Now she has arranged for me to go to a "camp". I'll get school credit for going there so I wouldn't need to make my any tests or homework, and all Mrs. Greene (my guidance counsellor) needed was for my parents to sign the permission slip.

There was only one other student in school going to this "camp" with me, and that was Abraham Kiffs. He was a boy who was very quiet and was picked on a lot for his height.

I got home with my clothes soaked thourgh, and my hair sticking to my face. I decided that I would get my mom to sign the permission slip in the morning.

The next moring my mom was sitting at the table drinking coffee. Since she is a nurse she is always drinking coffee because she always has to work heinous shifts.

"I need you to sign something for school," I said.

"Get me a pen," my mom ordered. I rummaged in my backpack and withdrew a pen.

She signed it in her loopy curisive writing without even reading it.

"I'm going to be gone for a week. It's like a school fieldtrip," I mumbled.

"Mmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhmmmmm," mom drifted off into a blank stare. I grabbed my stuff, and walked to school because my sister was nowhere in sight.

I gave Mrs. Greene the permission slip at school that afternoon, and that is why next Saturday at 6 a.m. I was waiting outside the school with my backpacked with all of the things I would need for the following week, standing next to Abraham and Mrs. Greene waiting for the bus that would take me to my doom.

The bus pulled up, and when we walked on the kids in it weren't singing songs and laughing like they would have been if we were going to a real camp. Itook a seat and instantly fell asleep.

On the first night at "camp" we ate a bad meal and tried to fall asleep on the lumpy mattresses. Then on Sunday we went on a nature walk. But I only started to have fun when we all went swimming in the lake on Wednesday. I had a splashing fight with Abraham, and then we both splashed Mrs. Greene.

The truly remarkable thing that happened at "camp" that Mrs. Greene, Abraham, and me will never be able to forget was the speaker who talked to us on Friday night,the last night that we had until we returned to the real world. The speaker told us how she had lost everything in the world that had every matter to her, and by doing that she had learned what really matters most in the world. Her story had made us laugh and cry. She taught us that you can't let the world control you, you have control your take on the world. I learned that even though my life may seem bad at times I could guarentee that somebody else was having a worse one, and that I should try to change that.

When we got back on the bus to go back to reality our voices were raised high in song, just because we were alive, and having a darn good time of it. And thats what matters most.

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