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This I Believe…..

December 12, 2007
By Anonymous

This I Believe…..

Can miracles really happen? This is a question some people ask themselves everyday. Is there some way for something out of the ordinary to happen when you’re at your lowest that can make everything better? Well, I believe that miracles can happen.

Going to a new school is always hard, especially when you only know three people and have been told all through you’re middle school career that the school up the street is the worse school ever. So once I had found out that I would be starting my freshman year at this school I thought life as “I” knew it would be changed forever. My first couple of weeks were dreadful. I actually considered telling my mom that I would rather not go to school at all, than go to a school where I had absolutely no friends, {besides the three}.Until one day I finally realized that “Ariana you’re not going back to your old school & you’re definitely not going to quit because that would mess up all your future plans” so I decided to stay and rough things out, what turned out to happen was that I made a bunch of new and very close friends and now I actually really like the school a lot.

My miracles haven’t only happened when I’m in my lowest state of depression about a school; in July 2006 my great grandpa had had a stroke. He was sick before that, and had a couple of strokes before that but survived them all. But this time everyone actually thought that he wouldn’t make it, so he was put in the ICU at the hospital. A day after his stroke my great grandma {his wife} was heading to see him at the hospital because they didn’t think he’d have much longer to live. As she was leaving she accidentally fell off her front porch, and landed on the floor which was 5 concrete stairs down. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and she to had major problems. Her brain was swelling and bleeding at the same time and they thought that she wouldn’t make it either. Three days after both of their accidents miraculously things started looking up for them and within the next week they were both fully healed.

Since 2006 was the most stressful year because everything seemed to be going down hill, everyone in our family was hoping to start a new and make 2007 the best year.
Five days into the year my grandma {my mom’s mom} hadn’t been felling well at all. She was having major chest pains & everything. So she decided she might need to go to the hospital and see if anything was wrong. At first the doctor appointed for her said that nothing was wrong with her. Then another doctor said that they should go and do a scan on her heart just to be sure. And sure enough they found that she had a torn aorta complex in by her heart. Also known as a main artery by her heart that leads to her brain was leaking. She had to go into surgery as soon as possible or in a short few hours the artery would burst & she would die. Around 12 o’clock at night she went into a surgery that she had a 9 out of 10 chance of not living, where they had to freeze her body temperature to 32 degrees & stop her heart.. At 6:30 A.M she finally got out of surgery & somehow was going to be just fine, it was as if a miracle had happened.

So next time you’re in doubt and thing that nothing could ever go right for you. Think of the times when you have had worse. Just believe, and a miracle could happen!

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