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What Matters

March 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Most teens spend their time playing sports, studying or hanging out with their friends. There are a few teens that spend all their time working one of them happens to be me. One of the most important things in my life is my work. My work comes before my friends and sports. My dad always told me take care of your work and it will take care of you in return. Most places I have worked in have helped me out I’ve gotten good recommendations to many places. When someone describes me they will say hard working in the first three things they say. Some people hate to work but me I don’t mind it. I have my days I don’t like going to work but most of the time I like going. I am also in to cars. I can hold a conversation with anyone about cars. I don’t know everything about them but I know quite a bit. Cars are one of the most amazing machines we have in the world without cars traveling 6 miles would be a couple hours out of the day. My dream is to become an automotive technician. I would love to be working on cars it be the amazing job I could ever have. When I’m not at work I’m working on my car tuning it up or putting something new on it. I spend a lot of hours a week on my car or in it. Some people like to go on walks when they have stuff to think about I like to go out for car rides, I find them lots more fun then walking or running. If I didn’t have my car or my work I wouldn’t have anything to do or know how to pass time by. I need to have my car to get through my day and I need to work to pass time by. They are an unbeatable combination to me. My friends are always out playing sports while I’m at work they don’t like how I’m always working but they are always asking why I have so much money and I tell them I don’t mess around. I’m paying to go to college though so I got a reason to be at work all the time other then I kind of like being there half the time. I hope my effort in work takes me to my dream of being an automotive technician and many other places.

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