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Open Letter to Putin

November 30, 2013
By Aramis_999 PLATINUM, Matthews, North Carolina
Aramis_999 PLATINUM, Matthews, North Carolina
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Dear Vlad,

You don’t know me. Nor would you want to. I’m a fifteen year old American kid. I’m not russian. but If I were, I would leave. As soon as I could. You sicken me. Your policies do to.

Let’s start with Pussey Riot. Let me get this straight… A band speaks out against you, and jumps in a cathedral for under a minute, and you sentence two of them to a siberian prison for two years? So, is trespassing for under a minute punishable by prison for two years in russia deserving of such a heinous crime, or is it because they bruised your ego? How dare you take away their natural right to protest a tyrant.

This idea of rights might confuse you. Russia historically has been a backwards country, starting with the Czars and then with the U.S.S. R. I can see modern russia under you is still on the cutting edge of backwardness, repression, and stupidity. But, I digress. Rights are these things that you have because you are human. Since you are a human, they can’t be taken away. Yet, somehow, you have taken away the natural rights of freedom of expression and speech. You are truly a vile man.

Oh, I almost forgot about Syria. I’m sure the fact you are sending weapons to Assad to ensure you have a powerful influence in the Near East has nothing to do with why you won’t believe he is raining chemical weapons down onto revolutionaries and civilians alike. I’m sure thats not it at all… I digress again, sorry Vlad. Your flaws are being a wretched man, and mine are getting distracted by that wretchedness. I mean, god forbid you support a plan that would stop all this crazy chemical war fare right? That would be just insane…

But not nearly insane as trying to wipe out an entire part of your population. Since we have already gotten rids of this crazy idea of “free expression”, let’s just get rid of an entire group of people you find icky.

I get it, I really do. The gays were speaking up for “rights” or protection from “harassment”, or “hate crimes”. The obvious solution is to just ship them off to jail or fine them, because the bigots who persecute them are such better role models for kids. You are a wicked man putin.

Also, I totally get why Russian kids can’t be adopted by countries where the icky gays do have rights. Or really, any country currently living in the twenty first century. (That is also known as the present. But you probably don’t know that, as you are so backwards.)

Well, I’m signing off putin. I wish I could say, best wishes, and all that, but in reality, I hope you resign.die today. I know that’s kinda harsh, but when I see a evil person, it’s hard for me to feel any other way. The day you die, I think I’ll have a party… And celebrate the day a revolution of love can flood russia, and finally bring your country to the civilised world.

-A revolutionary

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