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A List of Strange Things in No Particular Order

January 13, 2022
By Anonymous

That feeling when you wake up from a nap and and it’s dark outside and you have no idea if it’s morning or night  
When you are looking down on the top of a tall building and have the sudden urge to throw your phone off of it 
Looking around a room and feeling compelled to plan an escape route
The human body
When you feel like somebody is behind you but you turn around and nothing is there
When you are in a swimming pool and have the irrational fear that you’re going to be attacked by a shark at any moment
My brother
Going to school at night when nobody is there
Memories of playing minecraft at 2:30 am on a summer night in 2014
That feeling when you know a word but can’t remember what it’s called
When you are wearing socks and step in something wet
When something smells like one thing but tastes like another
Going on vacation, forgetting that you are somewhere else, and waking up and not knowing where you are
When you're racing down the biggest hill of a roller coaster and your stomach drops 
Realizing that your parents aren’t just watching you getting older, you are also watching them get older

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